Sep 122014


Flashback Friday to when we went to Coachella in 2004 to see The Cure and it was 113 degrees all weekend (no joke), Henry put us up in a prostitute and feral cat-inhabited motel* in San Bernadino, and I had rage blackouts like you wouldn’t believe. But…I got to see The Cure.


Somehow, Henry and I are still together 10 years later and are about to see The Cure this Sunday in Chicago and I am absolutely bubbling over with giddiness!


*(I know, it’s amazing that I wasn’t down with this.)

  3 Responses to “Coachella 2004: #fbf”

  1. Coachella sounds like a miserable hole. I’m not sure I could ever go no matter who was playing.

    • I can only imagine how much worse it is now that the Hipster Movement is so much bigger. When I was there, it was around the time Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were wearing those super short ruffled terry-cloth-esque skirts with UGGS, so that was basically what every goddamn LA bitch was sporting. In the desert! Just a bunch of Barbie dolls EVERYWHERE and it made me feel so uncomfortable.

      That, and I remember the crowd for The Cure being so awful. There were a bunch of Hollywood shitheads screaming “FAT BOB!” at him and demanding they play all the super popular songs and getting really bored and mouthy during the deeper cuts (i.e. the best songs). It was hands down the worst experience I’ve ever had watching The Cure live. I remember ranting about how “THIS IS WHY THEY BARELY COME TO AMERICA!!!” Ugh, fuck Coachella so hard.

      • I’d rather enjoy Couch-ella which is every day for me. For real though, that year you went would have been the worst. I have a hard time at festivals especially if I know hipsters or hippies will be there. I’m a biased old man when it comes to crowds. I’ve only seen The Cure once and I loved it.

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