Oct 212014

HELLO JUST CHECKING IN! Here is some stuff that I have made this past month. I have admittedly not had as much time as I’d have liked, and my list of custom paintings have been growing, so thank you guys for liking my stuff! It will never be something I take for granted, I promise. <3 Ok, let's do this. 20141021-082450.jpg

Custom portrait of my friend AJ’s dog, Diego. My cat Marcy was NOT happy about this one and I had fun flaunting it in her face.


More skulls for prizes at work. These dudes are so much fun for me to make because it’s quick and I can paint them on the couch while catching up on my really important shows like Gracepoint (actually not feeling this show as much as I had hoped to though) and Red Band Society. I didn’t watch this last season of Teen Wolf fast enough and MTV took them off On Demand already, ugh. My life is so rough.

I’m going to be making a bunch more of these for the shop and they will be super cheap so you should buy one!


Cupcake Cavalcade! I made this for my dear friend Kendahl’s birthday. CUPCAKES!
I just made this variation of Somnambulant Skulls last night because I had a strong desire to work with crayons. The background is painted. This one is available on Etsy right now!


A custom Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired mix tape painting for my friend Casandra. <3 I think Henry and I are going to start making larger pendants of my Twin Peaks, Lizzie Borden and Golden Girls paintings to sell at Horror Realm next March. Every time we try our hands at pendants, we end up failing miserably or losing interest, so who knows if this will happen. I'LL KEEP YOU POSTED.

  5 Responses to “Somnambulant Stuffs”

  1. Couchtuner.org. It takes some patience, some clicking through virus warnings (I’ve never seen evidence of actual viruses, been using it a year). That’s how I get my Teen Wolf and Game of Thrones on.

  2. I love ALL of the skulls! And that cupcake painting, that’s fucking adorable. I bet whoever you painted that for is head over heels in love with it. ♥

  3. The cupcake one!! So awesome!

    Also, hell yes on the pendants.

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