Apr 032015

In today’s installment of How Not to Fall Off the Ledge, let’s discuss some things that induce happiness, such as….

  • Wendy’s inability to operate an umbrella:
  • Getting to see my buddy Nina and her adorable boys while they’re visiting from Virginia:


Before we left for lunch with Wendy, Little Q was all over my desk, but what kid wouldn’t be!? He tried to walk off with one of my zombie finger puppets, so I traded him two fingers, which he seemed content with, especially since one was wearing an eyeball ring which he turned into a “trophy.” Then he chased Marlene around with them and she was all, “Oh gee, I wonder where you could have gotten FINGERS from.”

Nina asked if it was OK that Q  kept them, and I was like, “Sure, I have more!” But then I came back later and pouted about it. (Just kidding! But Q better remember me the next time I see him.)

  • My friends & family. All of them: real life, online, work (even the frenemies like Glenn, Ethan and Todd) who have been kind to me all week during this hard time. Losing a pet is an ache like no other. I’m lucky to have so many amazing people who have been popping over to say they understand, or texting from other states, or offering to ply me with ice cream. Or just distracting me with their IRRITATING BANTER, UGH GLENN.
  • A boyfriend who makes his girlfriend one of her favorite desserts (strawberry shortcake!) in a valiant effort to keep her from defenestration.

  • Thinking about last week’s hockey game that Chooch and I went to, which is on tap to be written about, but…you know. Anyway, I still want to mention it because it makes me happy every time I think back to the fun time we had.
  • We had a Biggest Loser challenge at work and I came in #2! I lost 14.something pounds. I excitedly told Glenn that I came in second, and he mumbled, “You’ll always be the biggest loser to me.”
  • EASTER! I don’t know how it happened, but somewhere along the way, Easter has become a holiday that I actually enjoy, which is strange because it was the first one that occurred after my Pappap died, which got the ball rolling for my family to stop giving a shit about celebrating holidays. So for a while, I did associate it with that. But now I think about springtime and being religiously idiotic and thinking of the non-traditional things that me, Henry and Chooch can do that day. It’s supposedto be beautiful on Sunday, so I predict that we will be spending most of it outdoors, and then Corey is going to join us for dinner at whichever random Chinese restaurant happensto be open.
    • Most importantly, though, I’m excited because we still have to take our Easter bunny portraits! If you’ve been pissing around on this blog for the last few years, you know that we haven’t done the whole formal mall Easter bunny thing in forever, probably not since Chooch was three. It started as an accident, where we literally just forgot to take him to the mall, so we had to do a last minute picture with Henry wearing a plastic rabbit mask. And now it’s like, why pay all that money to get a picture with the same rabbit every year when we can just do it ourselves? So, finalizing the theme has been a beautiful distraction for me this week. Can’t wait to get this done tomorrow!




  • The guest post I wrote for the Pittsburgh Guest Blog Exchange! Did you read it? DID YOU?! It’s about Mister Rogers and there is a companion painting, so you should go and look.


  • Thinking of the future and not dwelling on the past. I’m letting myself mourn and grieve, for sure (come on, this emo girl ain’t changing her ways) and there have been plenty of times when I have just fucking lost it in the shower, but it’s not going to bring her back. So instead of immersing myself up to my head in the sadness pond, I have been thinking of ways to honor Marcy. Obviously, a tattoo. But that can’t happen right away, so in the meantime, I’m having a memorial dinner for her next Saturday, at the one restaurant that has always brought me a sense of comfort, Blue Flame. I’m just excited to be with friends and reminisce about how evil and amazing and beautiful and scary Marcy was. I fucking miss her so much and this sucks. But…happy thoughts.

There is so much to be happy about, and sometimes the doom and gloom just needs to go and fuck itself.


  7 Responses to “Happy Friday, Happy Things, Lalala.”

  1. I have the same plates as the one your strawberry shortcake is on :) Losing pets are always hard :( *hugs*

  2. That strawberry shortcake, omg. I want that.

    I always love your Easter portraits. They’re the perfect combination of cute and scary, which is my favorite combination.

  3. 14 pounds! Congratulations! That’s so fucking awesome!!! Jill Coleman approves! Eugene too.

    The Blue Flame. Of course. You picked the right place. And yes, a tattoo.

    I am glad Henry did something useful to occupy himself during this trying time.

  4. AND…

    “Once, when he was inspired to make his own crayons after airing a tour of the Crayola factory on his show, which resulted in him spilling hot wax all over his favorite cardigan.”

    TOLHURST! The size of Ben Roethlisberger’s ego!

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