Apr 152015

Hey friends! From now until the end of May, I’m donating 20% of my Somnambulant sales to Animal Friends in Pittsburgh! WHO DOESN’T LOVE ANIMALS?! Well, probably serial killers and ISIS. But mostly everyone else loves animals because animals are a billion times more awesome than people!

And don’t forget, Mother’s Day is coming up, and maybe your mom likes serial killers?

Serial Killer Parade painting Dahmer Gacy


Or maybe music is your Band-Aid and you want everyone to know?

Music Heals Mixtape Painting


 Got a thing for Twin Peaks?

Log Lady painting Twin Peaks caricature


Did you just have a baby, know someone who just had a baby, or are you just super into retro children’s TV shows?

Mister Rogers Neighborhood painting on wooden plaque


Anyway, there is a ton more over at Somnambulant, so go check it out and pass it on!

This concludes my half-assed commercial for my art-things. You’re dismissed.

  2 Responses to “Somnambulantly Charitable”

  1. I love your art. And you. I’ll be purchasing something for myself for Mother’s Day, as soon as I get paid. :)

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