Apr 182015


I was trying to call my dad, Henry on a payphone but I didn’t have change. Some girl behind us laughed and It was weird. Oh, and I was singing Payphone by: Maroon 5. Mommy said I was a mess and dirty so mommy kept yelling at me. Also before we went on the T a bee flew past my face and I got scared it was going to sting me like another dickhead bee did when I was walking home from school with my mom. And I went to Sunoco with Mark and his mom. Sunoco never had a Shake and Smoothie machine so I got a smoothie. It was a really good Strawberry Banana Smoothie. It was $3.05 and Daddy only gave me $2.21 for Sunoco. So Mark’s mom had to pay for the rest. When I got home, I told mommy that I didn’t have enough money for the smoothie so Mark’s mom had to pay the rest. Mommy gave me $2.00 to give to Mark’s mom. Because she didn’t want her to thing we are mooches. And on the T there was a little girl who couldn’t wait to sit next to me she was looking at my phone, too.


It was the Anime Convention in Pittsburgh, PA and Daddy probably had a CRUSHY on this girl in a PRETTY dress, O.O!  I was sort of bored and my legs were tired I felt like I  was going to collapse. When ever I walk for a long time my legs start to wobble.


Daddy is a misbehaved, and idiotic Dad. He goes to Ice Cream places and beer stores because he likes beer. I really don’t know what else to say about him  that’s really it.

  3 Responses to “The Most Boring Day Ever”

  1. You guys get some pretty rad conventions. We just have ComiCon and Fantasy Con. And then a shit-ton of hunting/guns/outdoor crap, because we’re rednecks.

    • It definitely makes working downtown more interesting, because convention-goers are always milling about! There was a tattoo one not too long ago, so that was a cool time to casually stroll past the convention center. I almost didn’t go back to work!

  2. A strawberry banana smoothie is a good choice. Also, referring to bees as dickheads is extremely funny to me.

    My favorite sentence: “He goes to Ice Cream places and beer stores because he likes beer.” This is a fantabulous photo of some ACTION in the ice cream place. I must compliment Henry on his hair in that photo. He could totally be in my band looking like that.

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