Apr 262015


The “Henry’s Sleeping; What a Shocker” shot. 


The “Tried To Snap Henry Turning Off the Light Before Leaving the House, But He Moved Too Fast” failed shot. 

The “Henry Driving Professionally to Target” shot. 

 The “Henry Is Picking Out New Underroos” shot.

 The “Henry Can’t Find the Bread Aisle” shot. 

 The “Henry Can’t Believe a Store This Big Has Such a Small Bread Selection” shot. 

 The “‘WHERE ARE THE FUCKING BUNS?!’ Henry Cried” shot. 

 The “Henry Can Use the Self-Check Out Because He’s Not Buying Robitussin” shot. 

The “Henry Just Yelled at Me and Then Looked Around to See If Anyone Heard” shot. 

The “Henry’s In the Kitchen Where He Belongs” shot. 

The “Henry Thru Church Grass; Don’t Ask” shot. 

The “Henry Got Sucked Into Watching a YouTube Video of a Teenage Girl Playing Show n Tell with Everything She Bought at the Grocery Store & Now She’s Showing Him Coachella-Inspired Makeup” shot. 


  3 Responses to “Henry Bombs, Week 2”

  1. This made me laugh probably too hard. Your titles are perfect.

    (Pretend I didn’t think I had accidentally typed ‘titties’ and that I didn’t check it three times.)

  2. SO. Is this Henry attempting to pay Hot Naybor Chris back for his recent gifts of bread? WHAT DID HE GET? Is that why he yelled at you, because you totally thought so too? I fucking knew it.

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