May 042015

Let’s recover from the weekend with a new collection of Henry Bombs!

The “Henry’s Not Sitting In My New Car” shot.


The “Have Fun With Your New Car; I’ll Just Ride Chooch’s Bike” shot.

The “Treat Yo’Self to a Frosty” shot.

The “Taking a Stroll Down Memory Lane at His Sister’s House” shot.

The “Henry’s  Arms Are Akimbo Because He Knows What I’m Doing” shot.

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The “Getting the Rocks Out of His Shoes” shot.

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The “Attending a Show at Mr. Small’s Twice In Less than a Week, FML” shot.

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In related my news, my friend Elaine suggested that I start a Henry’s Frowns Facebook page, and I’m totally on board with that. It could be a REAL LIFE CLUB! With MEMBERSHIP CARDS! And STICKERS! And NEWSLETTERS with WORD SEARCHES!

  4 Responses to “Henry Bombs, Week 3”

  1. Please keep doing this forever, okay? I love it.

  2. I love how ethereal Henry looks in the first one. Like, his stripes are manifesting out of heaven.

    All of these are brilliant and made me laugh out loud in my office AS USUAL, but the winner for me was FML at Mr. Small’s. Fuck his life, indeed. Please, oh please do keep on with these. And I will be first to sign up for a Henry’s Frowns Membership. I hope that the bread can be included in the next round of bombs.

    • I begged him again last night to please guest post about the bread and the ORANGE JUICE INCIDENT. He was like, “The WHAT?” as if he could ever forget that traumatic day at work!

      These are getting so much harder to do now! Last night, I tried to take one of him eating a popsicle and he made it impossible. :(

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