May 052015

Sorry. I’ve got a one-track post-hardcore mind and seeing Dance Gavin Dance on Sunday only made it worse. These pictures have nothing to do with either post-hardcore or Dance Gavin Dance, but they are some things from the weekend that made me smile. AND SMILING IS GOOD FOR KEEPING AWAY BEES AND PEOPLE WHO SMELL LIKE CABBAGE WHILE SHOWING OFF YOUR FILLINGS ALL AT ONCE.

1. Henry’s mom Judy had a birthday on Saturday! We went to Kelly’s to have some birthday cake coconut cream pie and it was super awesome. Henry is lucky to have such a good family, and I like spending time with them.



2. The next day we picked Judy up to bring her to our house and she had red hair! Red hair, Jude don’t care. This is her sitting on my couch, reading Alternative Press, even after mumbling, “I don’t know a single band in this thing!” Henry was like, “I WISH I didn’t know any of those bands!”




3. SNICKERDOODLE WAFFLES! Henry really needs to work on his plating skills, but the bigger picture here is that he used the waffle maker! He was annoyed though because the recipe I gave him was from A Beautiful Mess and he absolutely despises those broads. (They get on my last nerve too, yet I still go back for more.) Anyway, I love my waffle maker! Maybe I’ll eventually learn how to use it on my own so that I can make some really fucking weird shit!



4. You know what else I really fucking love? MY NEW (TO ME) CAR! I brought it home Saturday morning and Chooch was like, “Yeah, I’m riding with her. See ya, Henry!” And Henry sadly put-putted home in our crappy Focus which is due to die any day now. Chooch did some laps around Brookline, blasting PVRIS, before going home. It was awesome. When Corey saw it later that day, he was like, “Oh wow, and I love the color! Black is nice!” and I was like, “IT’S GREEN LOL” because I love to rub his color blindness in his face any chance I get!

The salesman I dealt with (Jarrod — he was awesome) called me on Monday and my first thought was, “OMG WHAT DID I DO WHY DO THEY WANT THE CAR BACK!?!?” but he just wanted to ask me to write a review on the dealership on some website. So I did because PLEASE DON’T TAKE MY CAR AWAY FROM ME. We’ve already imprinted and there’s no going back now!


5. <3!!


But you know what I love the most about the car? THE STEREO! We were actually supposed to go to a Nissan dealer and get a Sentra; I had already talked to the finance guy and had been pre-approved, but the day before, Henry saw this car at a different dealership and knew that I would want it based solely on the stereo. I can play Spotify on it and the speakers bring a tear to my eye. Our old car makes so much noise when we drive it (it has something to do with the motor mount? That’s a thing, right?) that we could barely even hear ourselves talk, let alone enjoy music. And like duh, music is the most important thing!

Meanwhile, the other dealership is still calling me and I scream a little every time because the guy was so UGH to talk to, and I just know he’s pissed that I didn’t show up. “Just answer and tell him  that you bought a car from somewhere else!” Glenn advised, tired of hearing me yelp every time the number shows up on my phone.

“Orrrr,” I countered, “I can just tell him I filed for bankruptcy.”

“Or you could just tell the truth,” Glenn sighed.


6. Spoon selfies!


7. The weather was too perfect on Sunday not to spend the majority of the day outside. We took Chooch to a bike trail and cringed every time he almost caused biker pile-ups, and then some dickhead biker was all WATCH OUT FOR THAT LARGE SNAKE ON THE ROAD UP AHEAD! and he totally got me all up in arms for nothing because THERE WAS NO SNAKE and it reminded me of the time Henry and I were walking up the street and some guy screamed out the car window, “YOUR SHOE’S UNTIED!” to me but my shoe was not untied! It didn’t even have any laces! And then I aggressively wiped some dandelions down Henry’s arm and he looked like he had Big Bird shit stains all over his stupid elderskin.


8. Chooch, modeling the t-shirt that Chris and Monica got him for his birthday. Those two are extremely in tune with my kid’s interests!



In addition to all of this, we had a party at Laser Storm and then closed out the weekend with DANCE GAVIN DANCE at Mr. Small’s, which I am still smiling about like a clown with a cracked jaw. (?) These two events get their own posts, which I will joyfully write once I pluck my head out from the clouds. Sometimes, life sucks. And that’s OK, because it makes the good shit seem even goodier. That’s going to be the last line of the self-help e-book I’m writing. Spoiler alert, I guess.

I’m hard-pressed to come up with any complaints about the weekend, other than: “it ended.”

9. And now here’s a Dance Gavin Dance song because we can all stand to have a little post-hardcore in our day:

Please make way for the special invented armor.
Mental protection if reality is ragin harder.
Hello mister mime, hello medicine.
I believe denial makes me hella intelligent.


  6 Responses to “Post-Hardcore Pictures”

  1. Oh my lord, snickerdoodle waffles?! Correy would be in heaven! I might have to look that recipe up. That blog is too freaking pretty for me to handle.

    You should definitely start a #spoonselfie trend on IG.

    Chooch’s shirt, man. That’s fucking epic.

    A motor mount is totally a thing. And it definitely causes noise, and usually shakiness when the car is idling.

    • They were good! Of course, Henry has a list of “what he’d do differently next time,” ugh.

      Henry hopes that he can fix the motor mount at some point. It’s nice being a two-car family again (it’s been YEARS!) but I’m not sure how much time he old Focus is going to give us. I’m just grateful that we were able to get a new(ish) reliable car before we ended up without ANY car!

      • I was thinking the same thing that you should start a #spoonselfie trend on IG too! You had quite the busy time and sounds like major fun. I’m so happy for you that you got to see DGD. I’ve been trying to follow them lately to see if they’ll end up passing through UT but I doubt it. Also I’m so happy for you that you got a new car. It feels so good when it happens and it’s a huge load off when it’s a reliable one.

        PS – waffle makers are the shit!

        • I hope you get to see DGD! I’ve seen them with every singer and I can honestly say that this current lineup is my favorite. They just gel so perfectly! It’s actually pretty amazing that they still exist after all the drama they’ve gone through over the last 10 years.

          And thank you! It will be nice to not have to rent a car just to go to Warped Tour this year—it’s only like 40 minutes away and our old car is THAT unreliable!

  2. Oh gosh. You had coconut cream pie after The Previous Incident; good on you for not associating the pie with digestive distress.

    “I don’t know a single band in this thing!” Henry was like, “I WISH I didn’t know any of those bands!”

    And awesome, a DEF LEPPARD shirt!


    “And Henry sadly put-putted home in our crappy Focus

    and he looked like he had Big Bird shit stains all over his stupid elderskin.”


    I am really, really amped about the waffle maker use, and our mutual dislike for ABM shit.

    Hold on, I’m getting interrupted. Let me post this and come back later to finish before I forget.

    • Years ago, I thought ABM was sweet, these two sisters working together on DIY projects, you know? And I won’t lie — it inspired me to get off my ass and do something about my growing disdain for the state of my house. Little things like repurposing old furniture and stenciling an accent wall really made me not hate it here so much. But they are SO FAKE AND ANNOYING NOW. They got too big and it went to their heads and now they just make me angry, but I still hate-read it every day, lol.

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