May 302015


You guys. I am stunned. My Marcy tribute tattoo is so fucking majestic, just like Marcy was, and I am in tears. SHE WOULD BE SO FUCKING PISSED IF SHE SAW THIS! Ha!

Erin Hosfield at Kyklops just made my dreams come true. I am so glad I chose her to do this because she gets it. She is a phenomenal artist!

Here is the picture she took, in much better lighting:


I knew for some time that when Marcy passed, I would get a tribute tattoo, and it was definitely the best decision. I waited less than a week after her death before getting the ball rolling, and even that part of the process helped me get through the first few rough weeks. Now that I have it, I can honestly say that it provides a solace I have been searching for since March 31st, and I’m left with a sense of peace. She meant the world to me and I’m not being dramatic when I say that losing her was right up there with my death of my Pappap in 1996—they were two major players in my world. 

 I am so happy that I can carry Marcy around with me for the rest of my life. SHE IS JUDGING ALL OF YOU SO HARD!

  12 Responses to “marcy, permanently.”

  1. Erin!
    I LOVE this! As conservative and uptight as I am, I still LOVE this! Such amazing artistry and it came out perfect, just perfect! ❤️

  2. That’s so great!

  3. This is so awesome. I love it.

  4. That is absolutely amazingly gorgeous! I love it so hard!

  5. Majestic is the right word. I love this so much.

  6. This is so outrageously perfect. I fucking love it. I think Marcy would have pretended to hate it but would have secretly loved the fact that she is permanently inhabiting your arm.

  7. It is completely perfect. I love it for its artistic beauty, but mostly because it’s bringing you elusive peace. This is forever love.

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