Jun 232015

This past weekend, you might remember, was Father’s Day. So here are some fatherly Henry bombs for your viewing pleasure(ish).

The “Riding the Shuttle to the Lavender Festival, What Is My Life” shot.


The “‘I Turn My Back For One Second To Treat Myself To Lavender Refreshments And You Fuckers Are Off  Cutting Fresh Lavender In a Muddy Field And I Can’t Believe Some Woman Gave You Assholes Sharp Scissors, How Much Is This Going to Cost Me Anyway??'”


The “Doo-Do-Do-Dooooo Behold the King of the Lavender Festival” shot.



The “‘Does This Necklace Make Me Look Pretty?'” shot.



The “‘The Lavender Festival’s Portapotty Is Surprisngly Fancy'” shot, followed up with the “‘Cleanliness Makes Me Sad'” shot.


The “Father’s Day, Schmather’s Day—Bitch, Get Us Food” shot.






The “It’s Father’s Day, Treat Yo’self To Pizza and a Soft Pretzel, Henry” shot.

The “Being Father of the Year By Throwing Away Our Trash To Prevent Us From Injuring Ourselves On/Falling Into the Garbage Can” shot.

The “‘Sure, I Promise I Won’t Eat Your Banana Split Dip n’ Dots While You Ride the Spider, Chooch'” corrupt father shot.

The “Wondering What It’s Like To Be the Kind of Father That Gets To Do What He Wants On Father’s Day” shot.

The “Using Henry As a Pillow While He Thinks About All Of the Things* He’d Rather Do On Father’s Day But Instead Had To Drive 2 Hours To Go To An Amusement Park Where He Won’t Ride Anything” shot.

*(Sit at home in his underwear, watching CSI; eating beef jerky under a tree while proficiently identifying overhead aircraft;  baking things with lavender; porch-hangs and pepperoni rolls with Hot Naybor Chris.)

The “He’s Only Smiling Because He’s Thinking of Ordering the Father’s Day Ribeye Special” shot. (SPOILER ALERT: He just got a burger.)


  6 Responses to “Henry Bombs: the Father’s Day Weekend Broadcast”

  1. how does he stay so damn sexy as he endures all of this ?

  2. Hoy Naybor Chris is so nice to bring over snacks.

  3. Okay. So I cried right away. I managed to keep the crying silent until this part:

    “eating beef jerky under a tree while proficiently identifying overhead aircraft”

    Then I cried loud and was unable to explain the humor to Hector. So I just look like a lunatic asshole, here. Thanks a lot.

    I always prepare. I make sure not to be drinking out of my special water bottle or eating lunch. But then you brought up the pepperoni rolls again and I choked. O, that I could replicate this in my own life.

  4. Happy belated Fathers Day to Henry!

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