Jul 212015

This past week, I collected some Henry Bombs in Cleveland and on some trail thing in Keystone State Park, wherever that is. I’ve been channeling all of my energy into convincing Henry of all the upcoming out-of-city/state concerts he needs to take me to, so this set of bombs kind of, well, bombs.

The “Henry Pays The Toll On the Way to Cleveland” shot.

The “Oh No Henry Forgot His Hat” shot. Just kidding. He’s calculating all of the money I cost him while massaging his stress headache.

The “Henry Dejectedly Walks To The Vegan Restaurant While Leaving a Trail Of Dignity Like Neutered Breadcrumbs In His Wake” shot.

The “Henry Is In The Basement of Mahall’s, Pissed That the Singer of the First Band Made Everyone Stand Up, And Trying To Look Like a Bouncer” shot.

The “Henry Clenches His Hand Into a Fist Of Fury As He Remembers How Gas Was Cheap Like Cabbage When He Was In THE SERVICE” shot.

The “Henry Eats Trail Mix On The Trail, Obviously” shot.


The “Henry Drove Us 90 Minutes Away To Walk In The Woods And We Bitched About Bugs The Whole  Time And Now He’s Mad(der Than Usual)” shot.

The “Professional Driver Henry Shuttles Erin To Work In His Trusty Juice Carriage” shot.

Hope you’re having a good week and not like, getting kicked off of Warped Tour for being a disgusting piece of shit, or whatever.

  4 Responses to “Henry Bombs: Still Limping Along”

  1. The trail mix bag sort of looks like a huge piece of raw meat, and I got worried for a second but then remembered that you took him to a vegan place so maybe he was just trying to salvage his manhood.

  2. Why are you always so stylishly dressed?!? :-(

  3. So I just laughed out particles of Jill Coleman’s famous BAS while reading this, THANKS A LOT. Oh, how these make my day.

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