Aug 312015

Today was Chooch’s first day of fourth grade and I’m trying to ask him how it was, and you’d think I was torturing him. The thing I remember most vividly about when I was in 4th grade was that there were so many “bad seeds” in my class that we forced our teacher into early retirement. Not sure how factual that is, considering my mom was the one who told me that. 

Anyway, here is what I learned about Mr. Sunshine’s first day of 4th grade:

Fourth grade is cool. He likes it. Josh isn’t in my class and that’s good. (Josh is a bully & those two constantly have to be separated, plus his mom screamed in my face so they can both suck it.) Lunch was terrible because it’s a school lunch.  He sat with David, a kid that left and then came back, apparently. 

The principal said “I like your hair.” He doesn’t have hair so Chooch didn’t say it back. 

He walked to school with DiMaggio. 

Cassie didn’t talk to him at all and he’s acting like he doesn’t care and maybe he doesn’t, because he does have twin girlfriends now after all. 

He didn’t see the HOT GYM TEACHER all day and then Henry said he’s not here this year, and I freaked out but then he said he was just kidding. Thank god. Hot Gym Teacher is literally the only reason I bother attending school concerts and Halloween parades. 

Chooch has nothing else to say and we’re ALL IN A BAD MOOD apparently UGH!!! MONDAY!

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  1. I like his shorts!

    I know you hate it, but he looks so freaking much like Blake in the picture on the right, I can’t even handle it.

  2. You got more out of him than I did out of my niece about her first day of fourth grade. Man. Fourth grade is such serious business. I require more information about this, and about what happened to Cassie!!!

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