Nov 262015

Last weekend, Henry painted one of the walls in our bedroom pink at my request. It’s kind of a nook-ish area of the room where I have a desk that never gets used for anything more than a clothes catch-all. 

I’m always bitching about how I never have anywhere around the house to paint my fake-art. Usually, I paint while standing at the kitchen sink and it kills my back. I can’t believe it took me 10 years to realize that this corner of my room was the perfect spot. Plus, Henry installed a swag lamp right above the desk and the lighting situation is on point. 

Now that the paint is finally dry, Henry said we could start hanging up the pictures that I picked out because God forbid I make this an easy project for him by stopping at one painted wall. 

I was really excited because at the Dance Gavin Dance show, I bought this sweet screenprint and knew immediately it had to be the focal point:

I let him take a break from measuring the wall and taking up templates and we ordered Thanksgiving pizza because we’re super traditional like that. 

I dressed Trudy in the meantime. 

Chooch hates her and tells her she’s stupid every time he walks past. Once we strangle her with Christmas lights, I think he’ll come around. 

Finally, it was time for henry to start desecrating another wall in a house we don’t own! And of course the wall is rock solid because they house is old and stupid, so he broke a drill bit, whatever that means, and had the audacity to say oh well, guess he’ll have to finish tomorrow. But too bad I made him go to Walmart. On thanksgiving. He wasn’t very happy but said that since he was the only one there buying a drill bit and not 870 Christmas gifts, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. 

While he was gone though, Chooch came upstairs wearing a bandanna and a broken pair of Henry’s glasses. He said he was Hoover-era Henry (a/k/a back when I used LiveJournal and referred to Henry as Hoover because he sucked the fun out of everything, and he wore a bandanna every day) and started saying shit like, “No I’m not taking you to see Emarosa in Georgia! You just saw them TWO WEEKS AGO!”

By the time Henry came home, Chooch had advanced to “Lumbersexual”-era Henry and Henry was just like “OMG why.”

I’m pretty sentimental and obsessed with surrounding myself with framed memories so I feel really calm and content in this area now, which is good because everywhere else in this house is HIGH ALERT: CLUTTER and it makes me feel nervous and frantic. 

 Man, I really hope that this helps me be more productive because I have become a real slacker lately. We’re putting shelves on the small wall to the left and that’s where I’m going to keep jars of pens and brushes AND MORE SUCCULENTS, obviously. 
 And that’s been my Thanksgiving 2015: lots of bossing Henry around, pouting when things were taking too long, and listening to Dance Gavin Dance on repeat. Hope yours is everything you wanted it to be!

  3 Responses to “Thanksgiving House Work (for Henry)”

  1. I really love this space! I can’t wait to have my own little corner again. I had a perfect day of doing nothing after working for 7 days straight while hubby and MIL cooked. Now it’s time to eat some pie… Mmmmm… Pie…

  2. Okay. I’m caught up between admiring this lovely color and room and art and work, (Henry knows how to INSTALL LAMPS?) and completely losing my shit at Hoover-era Henry! The glasses and bandanna and the frown!!!!!!!!! And how The Great Shit King honestly thought Hoover was Henry’s real name because he so stupid! LOL!

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