Dec 042015

Are you at work right now, in dire need of looking for something to drown out keyboard strokes and coughing chokes? Something to break up the constant tirade of radio station Christmas carols? Well thank god today is my late shift and I’m home right now, listening to what’s good and I have some time to kill so why not post them here for maybe one or four people to listen to and either love, hate, or not care?

(I just sprayed one of my finished paintings with sealant and I inhaled a little bit and now I’m typing this while floating 8 feet in the air on a cotton candy pillow.)

  1. OK KID – Heile Welt

German rap-emo hybrid. Don’t let the “rap” part deter you because this is the jam. I heard this on an emocore playlist and fell in la-la-love.

2. Hotel Books – Dreaming or Sinking

Henry rolled his eyes and sighed when I put this on once in the car because he dislikes this genre. Spoken word mashed with sad boy music and it’s perfection. The last I heard, they were working with Craig Owens a new album and I’m pretty stoked for that.

3. Before Their Eyes – We Won’t Make The Same Mistake Again (Feat. Hotel Books)

And when I first heard that Hotel Books was featured on this Before Their Eyes track, I was like, “No. That’s not going to work. How is that going to….Oh damn, this is perfection.” I used to LOVE BTE back in the day, when I was REALLY a scene kid, and I actually had no idea that they were even still making records, so this is just very pleasing to me all around.

4. Citizen – Figure You Out

So I cut you open so I could see you inside out.
And figure you out.

This definition of emocore on Urban Dictionary is so perfect: “the breaking point from where emo becomes so emotional that listening to it is like throwing your soul in an emotional wood chipper, once you hear it you will never feel happiness again.”

In other news:

  • I’m still trying to make sense of my thoughts and feelings of the Dance Gavin Dance show from last week. One day soon I will write about it, hopefully while not abusing the CAPSLOCK. YOU KNOW HOW I GET!!!!111 Every time I sit down to write it, I start crying and wistfully watching YouTube videos from their recent shows and why can’t we just go back to that night, Henry, why!? Or more realistically — WHY DIDN’T WE TRY TO GO TO MORE THAN ONE SHOW!? Henry, you’re the worst.
  • Yesterday, I half-jokingly texted Henry and asked him if we could go to next year’s Bledfest. His response was, “When is it?” Not “Where?” or “How much?” or “NO!!!” or “*I’m just going to ignore this text and go back to racing around the Faygo factory on my pallet jack*” So I told him it’s Memorial Day weekend in Michigan and then he was like, “There’s not even a lineup yet…?” and I was like “I don’t care because I know I will like it no matter what…?” and then he was like, “We’ll see” And then I was like “It’s really close to Bill and Jessi…?” and he was like, “*sigh*” but then he started looking up maps and shit on his phone so that basically means yes, we’re going to Bledfest. And Bill confirmed that he’s 99% sure they will be around that weekend, so basically we have to go now, Henry. Thanks bye.
  • Ugh, Christmas. But yay – Secret Santa! Work is going to be really fun next week. I’m currently stressed out because my Secret Santa recipient always immediately knows it’s me every year because I can’t just be normal about it. Never forget when I was Glenn’s Secret Santa, LOLforever.

OK I hope you found a song or two out of this post that you liked! Go kiss a succulent for me today! (Unless it’s a cactus. Then just maybe blow a kiss.)

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