Dec 102015

GUYS! Chooch and I are taking our Carly Rae Jepsen obsession public — WE’RE GOING TO SEE HER AT MR. SMALL’S IN MARCH!!!! 

HENRY JUST CAME HOME (sorry, I’ll try to abstain from CAPSLOCKING at your face) and smirked at me because I’m sitting here under a blanket watching CRJ YOUTUBE VIDEOS ON TV AND CRYING HAPPILY.

(For real this time, CAPSLOCKS off.)

I just asked him if he’s going with us and he said NO in a tone that implied WHAT A DUMB QUESTION. 

Chooch and I are trying to get Corey to go with us OMFGGG I might have a heart attack. 

In other news, Henry still hasn’t fixed the photo-uploading problem on my blog and I’m too distracted to care. 

  One Response to “CRJ! OMG!”

  1. This is absolutely, completely perfect. Plus that’s the venue you like!! Very happy to read this news.

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