Jan 102016

Today was way less full of mental-lava, but these are things that I hate no matter what mood I’m in.

  • Getting calls from the vice-principal. I don’t even answer anymore. I wait until there’s a voicemail, listen to that, and then I text Henry in all capital letters and made him call the school back because NO don’t bother me at work. I know my kid is a fucking menace. Please put me on the do not call list, thanks.
    • This time it was actually Chooch’s buddy that did the bad thing but they both suffered the consequences and had to serve lunch detention, lol. MAYBE NEXT TIME THEY WILL WALK TO SCHOOL LIKE NORMAL HUMANS AND NOT FUCK AROUND NEAR RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC.
  • Being a parent to a preteen boy. Can’t wait for it to get worse.
  • That one cemetery we drive past every time we go to the craft store. It’s just plain and boring and I hate it. It makes me feel sterile every time we drive past. Fuck off, plain cemetery. Get an obelisk or GTFO.
  • Eye doctor. I had to go back yesterday for a contact follow-up. I had a different doctor this time and I liked him a lot better. I told him I was really struggling with my right eye and he looked at my chart and said, “Yeah, I don’t know why a toric lens was only ordered for your left eye. You need one for the right, too.” I KNOW RIGHT!? I have no idea why the other doctor decided that I’m only a one-eyed astigmatism.
  • Grilled cheese made with the wrong cheese. Henry ruined my Saturday by putting provolone on my grilled cheese and I refused to eat it all. (I mean, I ate SOME because I was hungry.)
  • Wendy’s gross nail. She did something dumb to it and now the nail is all black and coming up and she kept trying to thrust it at me because she knows I hate gross body things like whoa. She even popped out from behind a cabinet door when I was trying to file away Redwells on Friday and I was so angry. Then she went back to her office and texted me a picture of it!? I found out later that GLENN gave her that idea for free.  I’d post the picture but then I’d have to see it again. As if that wasn’t enough, she sent me a video, too. :(
  • Lunch lady (Debbie the Bitch) at Chooch’s school who apparently yelled at him for “getting [name withheld] in trouble” when it was actually the other way around?! (Seriously, the vice-principal told us this so I believe it; if it was coming from Chooch, I’d have doubts.) Maybe get a new hairnet, Debbie, because it sounds like yours is too tight.
  • Eyelids. They are literally lids for eyes & then I can’t fall asleep because I can’t stop imagining if eyelids were removable like other lids.
  • When Henry gets cocky and deviates from recipes and then I’m the only one who suffers. Just follow the recipe…?
  • Geocaching. Full post on that later in the week.
  • Winter.
  • Henry’s inability to paint walls as fast as I need him to.
  • The fact that it’s January and Bled Fest and Warped Tour won’t start making announcements until March.
  • Not being rich enough to buy every record I want right at this very moment.
  • This blog.

Just so I’m not a total killjoy, I’ll end this dumb post with a synthpop masterpiece; every time I hear it, it boosts my mood and makes me desperately want to go roller skating, so maybe next weekend? It’s been like, a year. So add that to the Things I Hate list.

  • Not rollerskating enough.

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  1. Rollerskating! Thats another thing we need to do!!

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