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My awesome friend Kara agreed to come to The House over the weekend and model one motherfucking bodacious wardrobe for me. The 80s were hilarious, and there were definitely some WTF moments as we sorted through the clothes, but there were definitely some HOLY SHIT THIS IS FABULOUS outburst too!

It was really nice to have the house filled with laughter. Even my mom was cracking up!

Anyway, the whole point to this is that while we have donated dozens upon dozens of bags to clothes to charity, we wanted to save the more vintage, unique pieces in order to raise some cash for the repairs that we need to make around the house. I promise that not a single dime is going to concert tickets or, I don’t know, hookers for Henry. This is just my way of trying to be helpful. Let’s see how that goes!

I made an official Instagram for the clothes (@Gillcrest_garments) and will be listing everything in this first lot once I go back over to the house on Tuesday and get the actual measurements of the dresses. Because that might be helpful! Sizes in the 80s were whack.

bathtub2 bathtub3 bathtub4


I’d consider getting a surgery to make this dress fit me. Double-decker sighs for days.



cars denimjacketcompetition

Jean jacket competition!



Pizza prom!


Corey’s wearing a multi-colored cropped leather jacket from Express. I used to beg my aunt Sharon to let me borrow it when I was in middle school. That jacket was the shit, man. I tried it on and now that I have a body ruined by The Child, I just look like an asshole.

(I’m so good at selling clothes already!)


This is a ONE-PIECE POWER PANTSUIT, YOU GUYS. Elastic waist. Totally bitchin’ for the boardroom.


This dress is killer. We also have one that’s sleeveless and navy blue.



ANOTHER PANTSUIT! This one has a sequined sweetheart top and literal MC Hammer bottoms. So fucking sick, and Kara said it was actually quite comfortable!


The pizza dress has a beverage twin! Same brand: Dressy Tessy. This still has the tags on it — can you believe it’s lived in a closet for thirty years, unworn!? That’s a travesty.


Rompers are in again, I think.


There’s so much more, but I tortured Kara enough for one day. (I mean, right down to accidentally snapping her bra with some middle school boy force. Sorry about that again, Kara!)

Don’t forget to follow Gillcrest Garments on Instagram and hit me up on here if you have your eye on something and want to get it before it goes public! I’m going the Instagram route because I don’t want to deal with listing fees, etc. I just want this to be quick and painless!

Everything is either new with tags or has been extremely gently worn. Most of the clothes are from the 80s but we’ve found a few pieces that look like they could be older. I think my grandma must have given most of the really old stuff away long ago.

  4 Responses to “Gillcrest Garments”

  1. I’m obsessed with that leather number. I was wearing a dress almost exactly like it when I went to a Rob Zombie show about 10 years ago. I wasn’t into RZ but a guy friend desperately wanted me to go with him. We ended up at the front of the stage and at one point Rob kneeled down, grabbed my hand, and told me something wasn’t right with me, but that he liked it and the next song was for me. Then he played Living Dead Girl. I’m sure he did that at every show but gosh did my friend think I was a vampire or something after that.

    P.S. Kara, that first one-piece power suit could not possibly look like it belongs more on another person. I think the two of you are accidental soul mates!

    • If I was able to move my legs or bend over in that leather dress, I probably would have made Henry pull over at an ATM and taken it home. The picture don’t do it justice, it is AMAZING!

      Putting on that pantsuit gave me flashbacks of putting on a high school marching band uniform. It was surprisingly surprisingly comfortable, but I don’t think I have any 80s boardroom boss meetings coming up to wear it to ;)

  2. I had so much fun!

    If there are any more that you want on a person, I will bring proper shoes and work on not having crazy eyes!
    I can also help with manual labor!

  3. Those dresses! OMG this post made me so happy. Kara, you rock for posing for all these photos!

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