Nov 282016

Some things:

  • I hate that I share “sore winner” traits with Trump. At least I have (marginally) better hair. 
  • I had the day off today and had every light on in the house for no reason other than I’m wasteful, which Henry was not thrilled about when he came home. 
  • The Affair is back on and I still hate Noah!
  • Watched the Gilmore Girls reboot over the weekend and my heart feels like it free-fell through a paper shredder. Lisa and Octavia texted me to make Henry:Luke comparisons and I’m like IKNOWGUYZ! I thought a lot about it during my day of doing nothing, and it made me wonder if he was sent to me by my Pappap, because NO ONE else could have the patience and ingenuity to make me happy. Henry is the ultimate Luke. Sorry, but this year has promoted me to whatever level is above emo and all I do is think about super mushy things and cry my ugly face off. 
  • Don’t worry, no GG spoilers.
  • Remember the derelicts who are working next door? Well, they apparently were fighting so bad at 2am that Henry woke up and wondered if he should call the cops but someone beat him to it, so awesome – the people who aren’t even technically living next door to us have already had the police break up a domestic dispute. HOW DID I SLEEP THRU THIS? I let myself down. 
  • I want to adopt something, maybe a kid,  but Henry said no. :( Maybe I’ll just do an imaginary adoption after I get imaginary married. 
  • Bumper cars are expensive. 

  • Someone bought two sets of my Dahmer Christmas cards! This is definitely my most popular Xmas card design. Today, I made a new BTK one for this year, so you should ch-ch-check it out!
  • I also painted something today and did gospel aerobics so I guess my day off wasn’t TOO unproductive. 
  • Oh and I listened to Balance & Composure! You’re shocked. 
  • We’ve had these cats for almost a year & everyday we have to get them to remember us, like it’s 50 fucking First Dates.  They give us Stranger Danger stares and then, “Oh yeah, you guys.” 
  • My tattoo is still in the OMG ITCHY phase and I’m driving Henry nuts with my whining but that could be any day, really. 

  • Chooch ruins every picture on purpose. He has to actually try though, whereas it comes naturally for me. I win again! SUCK IT! IM THE BEST AT BEING UGLY!
  • I still like The Walking Dead. Sorry, guys. 
  • Henry’s eating yogurt. 
  • He just said “So what? You’re so dumb.” HE CALLED YOU GUYS DUMB. 
  • This one time last week, Gayle sewed a pompom back on my poncho thing and it was a super big deal (for no one but me):

  • I bought an old wheelchair over the summer but everyone is too afraid to sit in it because the seat is like wicker sort of so it’s just been chilling here looking pretty but then I decided to use it as a supplement to the beverage buffet, so it’s now a bar cart! We’ll see how well that works when I have a holiday party here in a few weeks. 

  • I’m a sad doll lately. 
  • I offered Henry one bullet point but he said no. 
  • When I woke up Saturday morning, I became extremely sad that Henry isn’t Dracula. Ugh. 
  • I changed Penelope’s name to Peen Lop. She answers to it. 
  • Remember when Henry told me I was overreacting over the people next door and now he’s complaining about how they woke him up at 2am? LOL. 
  • Last week I was on my way to work and someone sat next to me on the trolley which is usually never good and then to my surprise, he said, “Erin?” So my knee-jerk reaction was to say no but then it ended up being my high school Lawson so it was OK! I haven’t seen him since I was 17 so wow, that was a long over-due reunion. Lawson was part of L.A.M.E. (Lisa/Ang/Melissa/Erin – the boys in our crew didn’t get to be a part of the acronym) and man we had some ridiculous/fun/stupid times together. I never see anyone I know on the trolley (mostly because I hide behind my hair) so that was a really great start to the day!
  • I briefly considered learning how to cook but then I got bored before I could finish the thought in my mind. 
  • I don’t have another show to go to until December 12th :(
  • OMG for like 7 years I’ve been telling Henry I want Flex Seal (I might need it for something—YOU DONT KNOW WHAT I DO) and he’s always waving me off but a commercial for it just came on and now all of a sudden he’s like “That’s what we need.” UM NO SHIT?! Apparently, he has an actual use for it and doesn’t just want to buy it because it seems like a cool thing to have. 

  • Peen Lop, boys and girls. 

That’s all. You’re dismissed. 

  4 Responses to “Monday Mumbles”

  1. Man, I know just how that cat feels.

    Maybe you can flex seal the neighbors doors and windows closed?

    I miss you guys!

  2. You mean cry your BEAUTIFUL face off!

    I’m still cracking up at the “Erin?” “No,” exchange. What prompted the Dracula sadness?

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