Dec 092016

During the Holiday season of 1999, I turned my back on Christmas music and pretty much exclusively listened to my Black Bible – an epic 4 CD compilation of the goth music. I was so obsessed with it that I turned my purple hand chair into a shrine for it: 

My friends were like “Sigh.”

Anyway. I’ve been all out of whack (or Waco, as autocorrect wants it to be) this week and totally lacking Christmas spirit so I’m pouring salt in the wound by listening to music that I listened to during some of my most depressed nights because GODDAMN what a plan. 

I’m off tomorrow. Maybe I’ll find my holiday joy. Suck the Yuletide marrow out of a candy cane or something.  Or maybe I’ll just sleep all day because I’m tired as fuck, in every aspect. 

Other than that, my only plans are spying on the neighbors, foraging for things to eat without having to cook, and I guess cleaning kind of. 

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