Dec 242016


Merry Christmas Eve! Henry is wrapping presents while we watch The Fall (thanks for the recommendation, Chris!) and I try to talk myself out of the notion that he could be a serial killer. HE GOES “TO THE STORE” WAY TOO OFTEN.

Anyway, this is our first Christmas with Drew and Penelope. They’re being dicks, but they sure look cute doing it.

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Kpop. Kats. Krissmiss.

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Chooch hasn’t believed in Santa in years, so I get all of my fun these days by labeling his presents in ridiculous ways. Like, this year, one is from “that lady’s ass in the Kanye West video.” And obvisiously, there’s one from Boots too.

I’m typing this with one contact in because (surprise, surprise) my one eye is like, screaming at me so many Santa will bring me new eyeballs. Or at the very least, a resurrected pair of my beloved big green glasses.


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