Dec 282016

I’m spending my free time today scrambling to catch up with all of the RIP Glenns that have been piling up. What a shitty year for celebrity deaths. It doesn’t help that I have the real Glenn sitting behind me, saying things like, “What about Zsa Zsa Gabor Glenn? Did you do a John Glenn Glenn yet?” And I’m like, “UGH I KNOW OK, THEY’RE ON MY EVER-GROWING LIST.”

“—-what about Arnold Palmer Glenn?”

UGH I ALREADY DID THAT ONE. God, take a gander at the RIP Wall every now and again, would you?!

And then Gayle was all, “ARE YOU GOING TO DO A PRINCESS LEIA GLENN?!” and I almost yelled, “I QUIT.” But instead, I mumbled, “Yeah I started one and then I SCREWED IT UP.”

(I have a separate post to do for George Michael. Le sigh.)

So here, please enjoy some pictures of my cats, Penelope Ann Killer (a/k/a Peen Lop) and Drew Nightmare Walden (a/k/a Potato) while I draw my hands off. </3


Her markings remind me a little bit of Speck (RIP).



She is seriously an idiot.


The best cat. -Riley

^^^EW! I left the draft of this open on the computer at home and it looks like I’VE BEEN HACKED.

P.S. I just went to CVS on my lunch break to buy colored pencils because I need ONE BROWN for shading and it was $7!! That seems like so much! (Can you tell I rarely shop for things other than records and concert tickets?!)

I wonder if I can get reimbursed…

Lol j/k. 

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