Jan 122017

These are in no particular order. Just one giant RIP dump. I’m in a really bad mood today so there likely won’t be much commentary.


I used to kind of watch M.A.S.H. as a kid as somehow completely missed the fact that this dude’s character was a priest.

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I am just not eloquent enough to put into words everything that Leonard Cohen encompasses and represents as an artist. And now I’m sitting here crying at my desk. Thanks, guys.

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I’m sorry, but words escape me with these two as well.  And for all the dickheads who are all, “Oh boo hoo, a celebrity has died. Get over it” NO YOU GET OVER IT. 2016 chipped away at peoples’ childhoods left and right, man. Let us grieve.

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Ugh. I wrote a whole thing here in case you missed it, or purposely skipped it, whatever. You don’t get paid to read this shit!

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As sad as it was to hear of the passing of John Glenn, I was excited to get to actually the “glenn” text that prints out on all of my Glenn sheets. LOL all through space.

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Subtle Tracy Gold vomit.

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Sandy said she appreciated the inclusion of the Wesson bottle.


I only know the iced tea/lemonade thing.



A few weeks ago, when I was growing through a mad dash to get all my RIP Glenns done, Alive Glenn mumbled, “Did you make a Glenn for America yet?” And I was like, “Um, yeah Glenn. On November 9th. Pfft.”

OK, today has been awful. But I’m going to see Pianos Become the Teeth after work and I’m really thankful for that! And also for Lauren who took my dumb Thursday late shift so that I could go.


P.S. If you’re all, “But no George Michael, though?” I would like to take this moment to direct your eyeballs here.

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