Mar 132017

I’m obsessed with this Got7 song mostly because I really love the Kpop dance workout routine for it that I do like 8x a night because I’m a k-kardio psychopath, but also because there’s a part at 2:30 where a girl comes in and says:

“Just do whatever you want

It doesn’t matter to me

I’ll just go to sleep.”

And I crack up every time because it sounds exactly like something Henry would say (and has said) to me. And when I played it for him, he twisted up his furry mouth so hard. Gotta keep fighting off them smiles, Hank. 

(I just tried to dance all up in Henry’s face while this song is on and he PUSHED ME so then I came back in here and continued dancing/flailing and then I started to roll my ankle but caught it just in time. I’m really good at dancing!)

While we’re talking so caj about Henry and Kpop, I stayed up late one night recently and made him this cute banner of his favorite TV show, Boys Over Flowers, and he barely appreciated it:

Well, that’s all for today. I’m still recovering from the weekend, where I emerged from social dormancy and hung out with other humans for three days in a row. And now, I can’t tell if I want to withdraw back into my cave of misanthropy or host a huge house party. 

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