Apr 042017

Chooch didn’t have piano lessons on Sunday so we went for a FAMILY WALK in Allegheny Cemetery, and it made me realize that it’s kind of been a minute since we all slowed down and actually spent some real time together (as in: no TV/phones/computer). Chooch and I were in rare form, the kind of form where EVERY DAMN THING is hilar. And Henry was just like “Shhhh, I’m trying to listen to nature.”

Speaking of, there was a bird call that he couldn’t identify! Chooch and I were appalled. We thought he knew it all.

Henry walks alone. 

One shot family photo.

It was such a good walk!

Then we went to one of the Asian markets and I was going to translate a bottle of juice for Chooch but then a group of people surged through the door and I got supreme stagefright. I bought some new candy for work and struck gold this time! More on that later. Maybe. If you want a good old-fashioned candy review blog post, that is.

But yeah, my Korean studies are going well. It’s not easy at all, but the challenge is just what I needed.

Lol, then henry and I fought because I snuck all kinds of candy in the cart at the Asian market but then he still made me 김밥 for dinner so I win. 

Also in weekend news:

  • HAVE YOU MET TED?: We got new neighbors! They are very un-Boots-y and I hope it stays that way. I think it’s just the two of them: an older couple, maybe a bit older than me, or in their 40s. I only met the guy so far. His name is Ted and he seems fine. I was like CHOOCH LET’S GO MEET THIS GUY BC I NEED TO KNOW NOW IF WE SHOULD EITHER MOVE OR JUST BURN DOWN THE WHOLE HOUSE.
  • PLAIN DOORS: I noticed that our new neighbors got a new front door, probably because of Boots’ actual boots, but then Henry pointed out that no, the door had just been RESTAINED. “Can we do that too?!” I cried, because I want a fresh fucking door. Henry said yes and I screamed, “CAN WE STAIN IT PURPLE?!?!” and he said no. :(
  • BABIES: Babies were here on Saturday, but you knew that!
  • RUNNING MAN: You guys, this is the best show in the world and it’s how Henry and I have mutual laughter while watching it. Running Man is bringing us closer together! The day we play kai bai bo to decide our marital fate is when I’ll know it’s real.
  • BONDING OVER NEVER SHOUT NEVER: Chooch and I capped off a lovely weekend by seeing Never Shout Never at StageAE and I’m sure I’ll splay out 1,000+ words about that later this week. 

Until then, 안영!

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