Apr 082017

Today has been gloriously free of responsibility and plans – and I fucking love it. 

I actually slept in for the first time in months, watched The Walking Dead with Chooch (we fell behind a few episodes because I got bored with American TV, but now we’re almost caught up), did KpopX, and found an old Cinematic Sunrise shirt that never really fit me because I was forever fat,  but now it fits so thank you, Korea!

Later, we took a family walk in Homewood Cemetery and I wondered what we must look like to other people who are there jogging, riding bikes, or being generally normal, unlike us. 

Henry: First one to spot a deer—

Me, lying: Found one!!

Henry: —has to cook their own dinner.

Guess who had a cheese sandwich for dinner. :(

There actually weren’t any deer (I guess they all live in Allegheny Cemetery) but we saw a bunch of fat squirrels and ground hogs, and then a large turkey crew right before we got back to our car. 

Chooch fell off this stump literally about 3 seconds after I took this picture. 

After desecrating the sacred burial grounds with our d-baggery, we moved on to Millie’s for some pre-dinner ice cream because WE DO WHAT WE WANT. 

I know some of you will be all EW GROSS YUCK BLAH but one of the current flavors is prune and I was so close to getting it but instead I opted for fig and my bae, my #1, my ride-or-die: dat lavender doe. 

Millie’s is arguably (and you know I love to argue so come at me)  the best ice cream in Pittsburgh (Maya, when you guys come here, we’re going!) and as such, this is the best lavender I’ve ever had. 

Hands down.

Oh my god, Millie’s. I can’t believe I was ever sad that they took over the space of my former favorite ice cream place’s shop—Oh Yeah. 

Their ice cream is just so refreshing!

Henry was mad because every person in line had to try a sample and why couldn’t they just know what they wanted to order, like he did??

(He got peppermint brownie and butter pecan, not like anyone cares.)

Chooch usually always gets Chad’s Favorite Vanilla and The Best Chocolate, but this time he shocked us all by forgoing the chocolate in favor of the peppermint brownie. Wow.

Then we did some shopping. I hate shopping that was whatever. But apparently there is a new version of the Babysitters Club books out?! They’re graphic novels though which doesn’t please me, but Chooch wants to start reading them because all his GIRLFRIENDS read them so I relented and let him get the first one even these newfangled, flashy versions of them make my heart ache. I LOVED THE BABYSITTERS CLUB. 



(Even the special vacation ones and the Junior series.)

“Oooh, the truth about Stacey?!” Chooch cried with faux-excitement. 

“Yeah, she has diabetes.”

“Oh thanks for the spoiler!” Chooch mumbled. LOLOLOL. 

And here’s my current favorite Kpop song that Henry hates. 


Choose Your Words Carefully