Jun 132017

We went to visit Robbie & Nikki on Sunday to see the babies. Robbie made bomb veggie burgers that weee gigantic and Eli & Levi kept staring at me. It’s because they can smell fear!

Meanwhile,  Chooch decided he’s old enough to graduate fifth grade so that happened on Monday. I DIDNT CRY ON MY WAY TO WORK OR ANYTHING. His buddy Dimajio is going to a different school next year so it was their last morning hangout, which was doubly sad. :(

Henry’s a grandfather (with a third grandson arriving this week courtesy of Haley & Blake!) and we have a kid going into middle school. Time can kindly slow the fuck down now.

 It feels like yesterday when Blake & Robbie were teaching me how to play Neopets and having my kid was the furthest thing from my mind. 

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