Jul 272017

The countdown is HEATING UP. We leave tomorrow morning for Toronto! Today, I said to Henry, “I feel so nervous and excited! How about you?”

“The same,” he said.


“No, I mean I feel the same way I always feel,” he sighed.

Ugh. I thought we were bonding.

The other night, I was walking around Brookline, when this email came through:

OMGGGG it’s so real now. My legs turned to jello and I had to sit down on a bench.

“did you tell the homeless person to move first?” Glenn deadpanned the next day as I told the story of Receiving the Email. I drag my work friends down with me. The amount of people who told me to have fun this weekend as they walked past my desk was touching and also kind of hilarious because I guess this is what happens when you’re loud and relentless about your obsessions.


In an effort to distract myself, here are some non-G-dragon related thangs:

  • I received an alert today from some news site, NY Times or something, can’t remember, that said something about how kohlrabi is bypassing kale as the new “it” vegetable and I legit wailed, “what why?! I’ve been eating kohlrabi for years!” From her office, Lori laughed and said, “Poor Erin. It’s hard being ahead of the curve.” God next thing you know, ttkeokbokki will be the new “it” festival food, ugh! (Actually, that would be amazing.)
  • I don’t know my blood type.

  • I was late shift today so Chooch and I got to hang out a bit this morning. We’ve been getting along so well lately! (NOT A JOKE.)

  • It me.
  • Gayle asked me if I’m going to buy a dragon beanie baby to throw onstage Sunday and I was like NO GAYLE NO ONE DOES THAT AND BESIDES, GDRAGON IS TOO FRAGILE UGH!
    • However, now I kind of want to buy a dragon beanie baby for myself. Do they exist? What’s a Google?
    • Lol at “non-G-Dragon related things.” I tried.
  • Taeyang (from Bigbang) is doing his first solo US tour and I’m going to see him in Chicago! I got my ticket the other day (just one, because they’re expensive and it was either go alone or don’t go at all) and I’m really excited! Todd and Glenn were extremely relieved that I got a ticket.
  • Remember when I posted the Guacamole Song on here last week? Well, I shared it with some peeps at work and it turned into a thing. Some people were like, “Thanks a lot, Erin” and other people were like, “THIS IS BORING” and walked away at the “form the orange” but then that same person danced to the entire song last Friday in Lori’s office, for all to see, so I GUESS IT’S NOT SO BORING NOW, IS IT CATHERINE. Also, the “peel the tomato” part was a huge source of contention for some people in the office.
    • God, last Friday was pretty fantastic for a work day. It’s been a long time since we were all that giddy! I’d like to think it’s because it was jeans day, and it was jeans day because I fought for it to be jeans day! YOU’RE WELCOME.

  • My Facebook hiatus is going strong! It’s been about a month and a half and I have no desire to resurrect it. I think we could all use a little social media detox here and there and even though I’m still using Instagram, I have noticed that I am definitely on my phone much less. I’m sure I’ll come back eventually, but with more restraints and limits, because I have photos there that I can’t access currently, which is something my idiot self didn’t consider. The only downside to not being on Facebook is that a lot of my friends thought that I unfriended them and that is 100% not the case at all! Nate just came over to my desk yesterday to ask me about it because he was like, “But why would she unfriend me? She just gave me a lychee today!” :(
  • Oh shit, there’s this sandwich shop that Chooch and I have eaten at several times in the next town over called Parker’s, but they’re moving to Brookline! It’s actually about the same walking distance but more convenient because we don’t have any cross any big roads now, phew. Anyway, this has been in the works for MONTHS now, and actually when I first noticed that something was moving into this empty restaurant, there was no info whatsoever other than a bunch of newspapers taped to the windows, with coffee cups and “P”s drawn on it. I was like THAT LOOKS LIKE THE PARKER’S ‘P’ and sure enough, they eventually announced on Instagram that they were moving into larger digs. But it’s been months and months of no new developments, until last week when the storefront was painted and “Parker’s” is now boldly displayed in white paint. THEN TONIGHT, Chooch and I were on our nightly stroll (it’s our thing now and I love it because he rambles on and on and I love it when he tells me shit) and we noticed that there were two spots where the newspaper was peeled back, purposely it seemed, to provide tiny rectangular peepholes. Of course we shoved our way over to get a closer look and the inside looks SO FUCKING CUTE I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL IT OPENS. Henry’s not allowed to go with us though. He wouldn’t understand the appeal….
    • ….which is the Parker’s proprietor Luke, whom I have a crush on, lol.

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