Aug 242017

My mom dropped off a belated birthday gift for me last night, but she was so sure I wouldn’t like it that she had Chooch come out to get it so that she wouldn’t have to see my disappointment when I opened it.

First of all, I wasn’t expecting anything so the very idea that she thought to get me a present meant enough in itself!

Second of all, SHE IS FREAKING NUTS because when I saw what it was, I literally screamed like a little girl and waved it around for Henry and Chooch to see:

A little G-Dragon doll! I love him so much!

Of course I brought him to work today to show people. Lauren got all teary-eyed because she thought it was a such a sweet gesture from my mom, and Amber thought it was super adorable too. Then when I sat down at my desk, Glenn mumbled, “What? I don’t get to see your doll, too? Because you think I’ll make fun of it?”

“UM YEAH, THAT’S EXACTLY WHY, GLENN!” I spat. But then I whirled around in my seat and said, “OK FINE YOU SEE IT!”

And even Glenn, naysayer of all things Hallyu, said, “That’s actually pretty cool.”


The best part about this is that he’s modeled after my FAVORITE G-DRAGON LOOK! He wore this outfit in the Fxxk It video, and also in one of my favorite live performances, which I will now post as proof and also because I want to watch it again.

It just shows that my mom cares enough to know what I’m currently into and it means the world to me. It’s the little things in life. And sometimes these small joys really add up, you know? I love thoughtful gifts like this!

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