Sep 292017

Some snaps were snatched last weekend and here they are. 

Blake and Haley moved down the street from us so Chooch has waved the white flag, cried uncle, “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em”d and finally acknowledged his nephew Calvin. It was pretty adorable. I think they’re going to get along just fine. <3

(Also, Chooch, Blake and Haley went outside & Calvin started crying so while Henry was holding him I showed him the BTS “Go Go” comeback stage and he was ENRAPTURED. Haley came back in and sighed, “Are you showing him kpop?” Just called me Mary Kpoppins. OMG DID I JUST COME UP WITH MY KOREAN ROLLER DERBY NAME?)

The cats did cat things. 

And Amber1 had a bridal shower! 

Summer and Wendy were also in attendance. I am trying desperately to win Summer’s affection (or just plain attention at this point).

We made slight progress. She’s fine as long as I don’t look at her or talk to her. 

The table settings were so pretty and perfectly Amber!

There was a quiz to see who knows the bride best; I didn’t win but I had a higher score than Wendy so that’s all that matters. 

All parties should have a mimosa bar, you know? 

I’m really excited for Amber and Brian! Thy deserve all the happiness in the world!

“Stand there and pretend like I didn’t tell you to stand there.” We stopped at some healthy beverage establishment right before the Emarosa show and this is Chooch drinking some plant-based chocolate smoothie that I thought he was going to hate because it cost like $8 but he loved it and said he wants to drink one everyday and I was like “NOT AT THAT PRICE.”

Oh, you saw I mentioned Emarosa? Yeah we saw them. It was OK. SIKE IT WAS FUCKING FANTASTIC. I will write a full recap in a minute but probably tomorrow. Or Sunday. I’m the worst. 

Not pictured: the woman who made the sign of the cross on herself and the man so fucked up that he fell over as soon he walked inside CVS. I was standing outside with them waiting for the store to open last Saturday morning and we all walked in together. After the man fell, the manager turned around and looked at us like we were a family and I had to make an urgent IM NOT WITH THEM face at him. 

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