Nov 252017

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving weekend without Henry slaving over a turkey DIY project.

A few months ago, one of the neighbors was throwing away a plain wooden end table. I was like, “I WILL TAKE THAT THANK YOU” and enlisted Chooch’s help in dragging it across the lawns under the veil of night.

We needed a table for the back porch and this was perfect. But…it was so plain. Have you seen my house? It’s a mod podge of spray-painted furniture—some of it literally does have Mod Podge on it too. So I knew I needed to spice this up.

We’re working on a much larger project using engineer prints and Henry was talking about needing a smaller project to practice sealant techniques on the prints, so I GOT THE BRIGHT IDEA to have a G-Dragon engineer print made for the table!

With a bit of practice, Henry managed to find a way to adhere and seal the print without the image running so now I have a beautiful and completely frivolous G-Dragon coffee table for the back porch.

Just DONT PUT YOUR COFFEE ON IT. It has sealant on it but let’s not get crazy with it, OK IMAGINARY HOUSE GUESTS?!

We had to run to the craft store today to get glue for the gems and I ran into the director of our department. First of all, I was carrying a huge candy cane for Trudy so Sue was like, “Oh wow what projects are you working on now?” so I had to explain that the candy cane was for our mannequin Xmas tree and that we were also there to get supplies for a G-Dragon table. Sue was like, “OK! Well um I can’t wait to see pictures!” I should have told her I was making a traditional Xmas wreath with pine cones and ribbon – she probably would have been way more shocked.

I wanted Henry to make the table light up but he was like I CANNOT MAKE EVERYTHING IN THE FUCKING HOUSE TWINKLE, OK?!

And this has been: The Making of a Kwon Jiyong Furniture. Stay tuned for my follow-up DIY: The Lighting of a Lee Taemin Lamp.

Thanks for reading. Please continue to support me. (THATS WHAT KPOP IDOLS SAY TO THEIR FANS, OK.)

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