Jan 052018

Today is the coldest day of winter so far here in Pittsburgh and I am pretty angry about it. I hated winter as a kid, and I still hate it as a “grown-up.” You can keep your snow! I don’t even need it on Xmas!

Speaking of Christmas. Back in November, Chris and Monica came back from Iceland and Amsterdam with some gifts for us for taking care of their cat Graham (the best orange cat I’ve ever known!). Chooch got some really cool toy-type souvenirs and amazing slipper socks from Iceland, while Henry and I got an assortment of chocolate bars. Chooch, forgetting that he had his own bounty right there in front of him, could only focus on the fact that we got chocolate and he did not.


Sike, I’m the same.

Anyway, for Christmas, Chris & Monica got him this obscene 4lb chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s and he was gobsmacked (I don’t know why I had such an urge to use that word because it is totally not a word I would ever say out loud, ever…?). I have to admit that we have collectively mowed that sucker halfway down throughout the week. It’s good chocolate!

And this is one of the gifts they got me ^^^. Honestly, it’s like someone plunged a turkey baster into my brain and then splooged the contents onto a wooded plaque, because if this doesn’t scream ERIN RACHELLE KELLY then I guess you just haven’t been reading this blog as diligently as you should, NOW HAVE YOU.

I made Henry hang it up as soon as we got home later that night:

Now I get to see it every day when I leave for work and it makes me feel less hateful!

Also, Chris is a whiz with fancy yarn and made me this infinity scarf. I AM SPOILED. She made slouchy hats for Henry and Chooch, too. WE ARE ALL SPOILED. We were so lacking in the Xmas gift exchange department this year, but I swear I will make up for that with gifts from Korea. They are just way too good to us!

Anyway, perfect timing for this scarf because it’s been in the teens all week, weather-wise, here in Pittsburgh. Of course, I still went outside every day for my lunch break walk because I’m a fucking low-IQ masochist, but I just need that daily walk or else I will have sat at my desk all day and that’s bad. The one day, Wednesday maybe, it was a sweltering 20 degrees out and we were all raving about how it felt like a veritable heatwave at that point. It was the best walk of my week because not only was I out of the frostbite zone, but the sun was shining full force and it felt amazing on my face, like a fucking vitamin D bukkake. Hit me baby one more time.

I felt like dancing through the Strip District.

Or stripping. You don’t know what I’m capable of.

Here is a New Year’s Eve picture of Peenlop.

Blanket buddies.

Wendy got Chooch this blanket for Christmas after I told her that he always hogs my couch blanket, you know, Mr. I NEVER GET COLD yet somehow is always wrapped in my blanket. Now he has his own and I want it! It’s so cool!

Well, let’s keep this short & sweet. I need to go and do jumping jacks to warm myself up. Never underestimate the power of simple jumping jacks, my 친구.

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