Jan 182018

Still having a hard time accepting that he’s gone. I’ve only just finally been able to listen to his music again without feeling like my heart is being stomped through a cheese grater.

In other news, today I was so happy that Henry was driving me to work and I wouldn’t have to walk in frigid temps to the trolley that I bounded out of the house without any of my winter accessories. So then when it was time to go outside for my lunch-walk, I asked Todd if it was cold out.

He said something like “uh yeah, it’s January.” But then I asked, “But is it cold enough for hats, etc?” And he was like YES BUNDLE UP BRO.

So I ran to Wendy’s office and she dressed me appropriately in her extra cold weather accoutrements which all happened to be Pittsburgh Penguins branded, matching my gold tapestry coat perfectly. I was the most put-together I’ve ever been, probably.

Thank god for Wendy.

Anyway, just a quick little check-in. I’ve been al wrapped up in my greeting cards lately and I can usually only pay attention to one thing at a time so this poor limping blog is suffering. Sorry, blog. I’ll try to be a better fake-writer after our busy Valentine card season is over!

(Go get some cards!!

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