Feb 202018

If there is one thing you can always count on me to have, it’s a notecard set. You just never know when you’re going to find a need to send a card to someone, and I like to keep a variety on hand at all times. Um, I usually send at least one “Sorry I’m an asshole” notecard a year, so it helps if the card is cute because my dumb puppy eyes don’t cut it anymore.

All of this is to say I added some notecards to the Hello Hanguk line over the weekend! Currently, the sole set is BTS, but I have plans to add some other varieties as well as a serial killer set for non compos cards (I’m about 75% done with that one so check back soon murderinos!).

The BTS cards feature a meme/infamous quote from each member. It’s a really great gift for any BTS Army in your life because they will for sure get all the sayings. Kpop fans spend a lot of time watching videos of their bias groups on V-Live and YouTube, OK? Me included. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the “you got no jams” video of BTS on the plane to LA and it cracks me every time.

Each card is so glittery and I’m obsessed with them! I have to find myself some kpop penpals so that I can use these myself. (But more importantly, so I can use the G-Dragon and Taemin ones I’ll be making real soon.)

That BTS “Love Yourself” design up there is also available as a full-size single card! I think it’s an awesome message to spread to all your loved ones, especially when it’s so easy to succumb to bullying and insecurities.

8 cards in the set, and it also comes with 8 envelopes because I can count pretty OK.

Ugh they’re so happy and colorful! You should get a set!

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