Feb 212018

Everyone was healthy last weekend so it didn’t suck! However, we still didn’t do very much because Henry was like, “OMG YOU CAN TELL I WAS SICK THIS HOUSE IS A DUMP” so he wanted to stay home forever and ever amen, even though I was twisting his arm to go out and do shit.

I succeeded in getting him to walk to the post office with me, and then we stopped at CVS on the way back because he needed to buy something boring, like a battery I think. CVS was playing the best 80s soft rock, so I mindlessly zoned out by the Easter candy, wondering who’s holding Donna now.

What I really wanted to do more than anything was take a walk in Homewood Cem and then get some bubble tea but two-thirds of my household were not behind this. And then it started snowing really hard, so Henry was saved by Mother Nature.

I still wanted bubble tea though so Henry reluctantly followed me out the door. We decided to go to Chick’n Bubbly so that he could get some KFC (Korean fried chicken, don’t get it twisted). I had already eaten lunch but when I saw they had tteokbokki on the  menu, I convinced Henry to share it with me which is hilarious and because I inhaled 85% of it on my own. Tteokbokki is probably my favorite Korean food. I can’t wait to try all the different kinds in South Korea!!

(I’m eating some right now as I type this. Henry is a good tteokbokki cook-er!)

Afternoon #떡볶이 with 오빠!

Ah, so fucking good! The only downside is that they were playing dumb American music in there.

On the way home, I tried to make him admit that Taemin’s song make his weener tingle, and he snapped that if I had a weener, I’d probably have a constant erection while listening to Taemin and I couldn’t stop laughing (and also imagining how awesome that would be).

“Would you still like me if I had a weener?” I asked, and believe me you this is not even close to the first time we’ve had this thoughtful conversation.

“I don’t know,” he mumbled. “I have to think about it.”


We got home and I bragged to Chooch about how great our afternoon snack was and he was like, “I can’t hear you over the joy I’m feeling from playing Minecraft” – he made a friend in his Saturday Lego robotics class and they schedule Minecraft sessions from Saturday afternoons. The life of Chooch. Then we got sucked into Days of Our Lives for a while because Henry was scrolling through Roku and there was a DAYS section. I casually pointed out that Kate looked scarily young in the thumbnail and Henry was all, “That is not Kate. There is no way” so then he had to play it to see if it really was and three episodes later we totally forgot why we were watching it and I was crying over how old Jennifer Horton looks now and then Henry was all, “Who’s that?” and I said, “Anna” and he said, “????” and I said, “She was the clothing designer who married Tony DiMera and she made Calliope’s light-up wedding dress—-”

Henry was impressed* at how much of my memory is used up on soap opera family trees. Also, Elder John Black looks so much like Glenn I can’t stand it.

*(See also: disgusted and appalled.)

(Lori and I were talking about this on Monday and how the Soap Opera Digest wedding dress issues were always the best ones and I was like, “Yeah, back when I thought getting married was actually in my future” and she was like, “Back when I had dreams.” THANKS FOR RUINING OUR LIVES, DAYS.)

(Seriously though, Kate had so much work done that she looks younger than Lucas and HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE HER SON!!)

I spent a large portion of Saturday evening obsessing over my clavicle. I made Henry google “is it normal for one side of my clavicle to protrude more than the other?” because I was too scared to do it myself. Apparently, yes it’s normal.

That night, we had Family Kpop Workout Hour and it was everything I wanted it to be – I love these nights so much that I never make plans on Saturday nights now if I can help it! (Henry and Chooch are like “please make friends and go out with them on weekends.”)

My clavicle didn’t pop out, thank god.


Sunday was another good day. We went shopping at the Asian market and one good thing happened and one bad thing happened.

The good: They had jejubes! We bought a bag and I have been happily eating them all week.

The bad: The Nongfu Spring iced tea bottles no longer have BIGBANG on them. I guess the contract is up and I’m sad, but we still several bottle because that’s the best iced tea I’ve even had. (Rose lychee is my favorite, FYI.)

I finished Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner) at some point over the weekend, so I started watching Cheese in the Trap and had an argument with Henry because he doesn’t believe me that the main girl is the same girl from Goblin, because he has stupid eyes.

Our Sundays are lit, fam.

Henry went up the street to Great Clips (ugh) to get a hair cut. I wanted him to take a picture of Taemin with him to show the stylist as reference, but he said, “NOPE.”

Image result for taemin day and night gif

Later that evening, we met up with Blake, Haley, and Calvin for dinner. Coincidentally, Blake wanted bubble tea so we chose restaurants based on that which is how I learned to never again choose a restaurant based on bubble tea. But the subpar meal was balanced out by the good company! It’s always fun hanging out with those guys, and watching Calvin crack up at the mere sight of Chooch was so funny!

Our waitress kept putting food down in front of Calvin and even clipped him in the head with a plate at one point. Safe to say we will never be going back there!

This picture is everything!

We just relaxed the rest of Sunday evening and by that I mean I jogged around the house relentlessly while watching K-Dramas, Chooch worked on the cat house he’s been building out of boxes (Henry totally wants to throw it out but I’ve been egging Chooch on to keep adding to it), and I don’t know what Henry did. I think he made cards and cleaned or something, I can’t really remember. That was three whole days ago.

Ugh, I love weekends.

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