Apr 292018

My only plans for this weekend consisted of walking & more walking, but we did sprinkle in some other things too. Nothing too riveting, but here are some pictures anyway while I’m taking a break before my last surge toward 30,000 steps. (I have a sickness. Help me.)

Saturday morning, we went to the gifted center because Chooch has been taking some kind of Lego robotics class there on Saturdays and this was the last class until next fall, so parents got to come in and see what their kids had accomplished. In our case, there wasn’t much to see because, as expected, Chooch spent the year doing more socializing with his partner Jamin than actual coding. Jamin proved this as well when he arrived later and struggled to show his family what he had been working on. It was whatever though because those classes were free for gifted kids and he made a friend out of it, so we can’t complain.

We were one of the first to arrive though and I was in dire need of coffee. There was a Keurig on the snack table with a wide array of K-cups so I waltzed right on over and helped myself because when I need coffee, I am suddenly Miss Independant. I took my coffee and sat down at a table, acutely aware that no one was else was scavenging the snack table but I didn’t care.

Moments later, a small crowd of parents had clustered in front of the Keurig and there was a hushed dialogue of “Are we allowed to use this?”

“I smelled coffee when I walked down the hall and now it’s all I want,” one parent said wistfully as I sat back and openly chugged on the root of the scent they were talking about. LOL just make a fucking cup of coffee you weirdos! Shit.

We came home to two packages from Maya! One of them contained a delicious assortment of K-snacks and it brought a tear to my eye. It was almost like being in South Korea again! I immediately dumped it all out into my Running Man bowl, with Pentagon performance videos playing on the TV in the background. KOREA FOREVER! 감사합니다, Maya!!

Later that afternoon, we went to Tillie’s for Chooch’s belated birthday lunch. It was a wonderful meal as always (Tillie’s is super good Italian, and their homemade gnocchi is the best I’ve had this side of Italy, thanks) and we were so giddy because Christina had made me download some stupid Marco Polo app earlier so we sent her all kinds of dumb videos and the waiter was like THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING every time he rolled up to our table.

I couldn’t leave without taking a post-eggplant romano bathroom selfie. I always laugh when I come in this bathroom because Janna brought  me here several years ago for my birthday and I turned the light on her while she was in this bathroom, lolololol. My whole life has been devoted to punking Janna.

After we left Tillie’s, I made Henry pull over so I could take a picture of this gorgeous Russian Orthodox church and then do the traditional point to the People’s Building while saying, “I used to work there,” as if Henry doesn’t know that by now.

Later that evening, Henry Oppa veered from the traditional fare and instead made Korean BBQ tofu sliders with kimchi slaw, and that slaw was motherfucking Last Supper-levels of divine, my friends. Pass some down to Peter, and don’t forget Mary Magdalene if you know what I’m saying. #BibleStuff

Here are two random pictures of Drew in my room:

We ended Saturday night with a really good hour of kpop dance cardio and I was proud of Henry for putting forth a bit more effort than he normally does. Usually if there is anything involving arm movement, he’ll just keep his arms down at his side, but I caught him putting one of his hands under his chin during one of the routines, JUST LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO!! One day, Henry and I will have our own k-fitness channel, I can’t wait.

Today has been pretty boring and lowkey. I’ve just been walking a lot while watching my k-dramas and panicking about the upcoming kpop concerts that I can’t afford. What a life, right?

I’ve been on a heavy SHINee kick all weekend and have visions of Henry, Chooch, and me arriving places in perfect kpop formation:

I don’t think it’s going to come to fruition though.

Then Henry made this wonderful noodle dinner for me :

Long live Henry though for real. He is such a good cook and I appreciate that a year and a half later, he hasn’t tired of cooking Korean meals for me every single day of his life.

After dinner, we went to Crafton Ice Cream Delight and I was so excited when Chooch ordered the apple pie sundae because I wanted to get it too but knew it would make me sick, so now I could just eat some of his and he hates sharing with me so this made it taste even better.

I was bitching about how it better worth it since it cost $6.95 and then the guy slid it out of the pick-up window and I was like, “OH OK HOLY SHIT THAT’S WORTH IT.” It was a large and in charge sundae. I’m glad I didn’t order it for myself because I’d be in the bathroom puking right now instead of writing this worthless blog post.

I just got a small vanilla cone with chocolate peanut butter dip. I originally ordered the cake batter dip BUT IT WAS DISCONTINUED. I have a really great track record of getting screwed at ice cream joints.

I snapped this picture of Henry and was all excited to post it on Instagram because he’s smiling and just I was about to type in some poignant caption about how ice cream brings our family together or whatever the fuck, Henry yelled JUST EAT YOUR ICE CREAM AND SHUT UP to Chooch, who had just mimicked Henry noisily eating his ice cream. Oh god, I love my family, LOL.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and finish walking my way to 30,000 steps. IT’S CRUNCH TIME.

Here’s a live performance of one of my favorite SHINee songs. I just said to Henry, “Onew’s face is so joyful. I wish you would just watch this once” and he snapped, “I’VE ALREADY WATCHED THIS BEFORE.” Wow.

I think this is going to be my official Walking Challenge theme song but instead of “I’m love sick” it’ll be “I’m step sick.” I NEED A DOCTORRRRRRR.

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