Mar 152008

I visited my friend Jess today. For years, she had the distinction of being my friend’s step-daughter, but now that friend is no longer a part of either of our lives, and Jess now has the distinction of simply being my friend.

She’s nearly 21-years-old now, a far cry from the 11-year-old I drugged with Nyquil while baby-sitting. She’s also seven months pregnant, and unhappily so.

Today I told her she needed to have photos taken. "You’ll end up regretting it later if you don’t," I offered sagely. "I know I did." (But for what it’s worth, I also had about three and a half more chins than she does.) She was reluctant at first, but when she realized I probably wasn’t going to stop asking, she sighed and let me have at it.

I wish she knew how beautiful she really is!

  18 Responses to “Belly Shots”

  1. beautiful!

  2. Took my first shots with the Holga today. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

  3. The second black and white one is ACE. You have an eye for this!

  4. Lovely pics!

  5. pregnant people are so cute.

    these are great pictures.

  6. Oh Erin these are lovely shots. Jess is adorable! She’ll be happy that she agreed to this!

  7. We’re all huge when we’re pregnant. Those women who just getting a cute, little belly and nothing else are freaks of nature! Besides, everyone knows the more bloated you are during pregnancy the cuter the baby. Duh!

    It was a really nice thing you did for her. :)

    • Well put!!

      I remember watching A Baby Story while I was pregnant and it was one with the wife of some football player. It was their third kid I think and she was so fucking perfect. Completely toned everywhere and then this perfectly round little basketball belly and the day of her delivery she was CRYING because she was going to miss being pregnant so much. I was throwing shit at the TV and screaming, “STFU whore!!!!”

      Ugh. Freak, indeed!

  8. She is beautiful, and these pictures really show it.

  9. I understand that not everyone is happy when pregnant, nor is a baby a blessing for everyone who gets one, but for those of us who want one and can’t have one, it is so sad to see someone mourning their pregnancy. I hope she knows that she is both beautiful and fortunate, even if it doesn’t seem like it now. :)

    • I think she’s mostly scared, not really mourning. She’s doing this practically on her own because the dude she got pregnant with all but abandoned her. I know she’ll appreciate the process so much more once it’s over and she’s holding her son!

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