May 242010

When Alisha moved into her current apartment last summer, I was immediately entranced by the old-time creep factor of the house’s foyer and had been wanting to take pictures of someone in it ever since. I just wasn’t sure who. Finally, Alisha’s pug, Bonzi,  was like, “OK fine, I’ll do it. You can lose the number to the Humane Society now, Jesus Christ.”

May 23 2010 039

May 23 2010 011 copy

May 23 2010 035

May 23 2010 006 copyI wish I had a flapper to drape across Bonzi’s lap.

May 23 2010 004

Miraculously, we were able to get Alisha’s cat, Fallon, to sit still for a couple of shots. This one was my favorite, sitting with their backs to each other in typical sibling fashion.

May 23 2010 047 copy

Doubly miraculously is that Chooch was there and managed to keep his big head out of all the shots, and only tripped over the lighting once.

  16 Responses to “Bonzi, the handsomest pipe-smoker.”

  1. Awesome work, especially the last one! I need to make Alisha bring Bonzi around next time we’re out.

  2. Best pet photos I’ve seen in a looooooooooonnnng while. The shot with the wine is just awesome.

  3. That dog is an awesome model, did he take direction? “Chin up! Hold that pose… Okay I need you to mix it up a little bit, you keep giving the same expression.” (Yes, everything I know about photography I know from America’s Next Top Model.)

    Haha, the shot with the wine reminds me of that guy that Christopher Walken plays on Saturday Night Live, where he’s always trying to seduce all the women who come to his apartment. :p

    I absolutely LOVE the last one! I want a print, I’d definitely even pay for it! <3

    • Ha, he actually kind of did! He was really good about staying put, didn’t act fussy, didn’t bury his nose in his Blackberry. He made me want to get into the pet photography biz, to be honest!

      I know that skit you’re talking about, LOL.

      Speaking of prints, did you ever get the zombie one?

  4. OMG What a CUTE puppy! I bet he’s that cute because his owner is so freakin fantastic!

    I’m really glad you took these pics. I think I might actually get the one of the both of them printed and framed. :)

  5. That last one is PERFECT. I’ll say it again, you take the BEST photos.

  6. These are great, double triple extra great because they feature a Pug!

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