Jun 212010

…except maybe bank accounts and Andre the Giant.

One of my past customers asked me  to make her a Cupcake Couple portrait that could be used as a cake topper for her upcoming wedding. In tandem, I was flattered and horrified. That’s a lot of pressure, making something that’s going to be used in a wedding. I mean, it’s a WEDDING. Most people don’t go into those thinking, “Well, it’s OK if it’s not perfect, because I’ll probably get a do-over some day.” That thought process comes later.

My customer and I went back and forth during the process, because I wanted to make sure I got it 100% perfect. I didn’t have a picture of the hair to work with, since the wedding day hasn’t happened yet, so I had to go on description only. And I’ve decided men’s hair is my least favorite thing to paint. Why can’t you all just be bald? Or have long girlie locks?

But I finally got it right and she said they’re both pleased with it, so here’s hoping it makes it on the cake and doesn’t get chucked at the final hour for some better Etsy representation of their coupledom.


CDs pictured are Chiodos’ Bone Palace Ballet and Circa Survive’s Blue Sky Noise and are NOT INCLUDED.

  8 Responses to “Everything’s Cuter When It’s Miniature”

  1. Aw, that’s so cute it almost makes me want to get married. NOT!
    Yes it’s cute. I mean the getting married part — NOT.
    Why do people still do that, again?
    But good luck to ’em.

  2. Adorable! I never thought to do the cake topper but your cupcake protrait of us was used as our wedding logo for the invites, announcements, and poster board at the wedding shower. I think you should keep pursuing the genre, it totally works.

  3. That’s really good. I could never do something like that. Did they love it?

  4. This kicks ass! And then they can keep it forever after! I’d hang it up.

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