Jul 062010

Jun 24 2010 069

Filthy disgusting boy-hands, all day, every day.

It is hot. We don’t have air-conditioning, except in the bedroom. Just putting four pictures in a post is making me sweat and it’s not even 10:00am yet. Words will have to come at a later date. (And I have a lot of them, because Alisha and I went to the Big Butler County Fair, OMG.)

Jul 05 2010 051 copy

I grew up with an in-ground pool at my disposal and central air. Ten years I’ve spent in the hell that is this piece of shit house in Brookline, and I have come to the conclusion that acclimation isn’t a real thing. I actually wished I had to work yesterday, just to get a reprieve.

Jul 05 2010 033 copy

“You had a REAL pool when you were a kid, and all I get this cheap balloon-thing?” Yep, pretty much, Chooch.

Jul 05 2010 002 copy

People passing our house yesterday were actually willing Chooch to splash them.

Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be 96 degrees for Warped Tour. But at least it’s open space, and not the brick prison I call home, which is essentially Hell with a lid on.

  4 Responses to “Some Summah Pictures”

  1. That last picture is great:) Love it! It’s been really hot here lately as well!

  2. We don’t have air conditioning at all. It’s horrid. I also grew up with central air and a pool, so this really is 6 kinds of hell.

  3. You take such wonderful photos! Chooch is gonna have the best photo album ever.

  4. you do what you gotta do! cute pictures!

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