Aug 012010

Henry just woke up for work! Look at how miserable he is! Oh wait, he always looks like that!

This was the request of Dawny and Notbatman, who sponsor me every year because they are BABES!

Henry just came over and choked me and said, “This is the post where Erin dies” and it sort of scared me because he’s in a bad mood! Mostly because I had spent the last four hours prodding him in the chest while he slept, chanting, “CAN WE TAKE THE PICTURES NOW? PLEASE WAKE UP SO WE CAN TAKE THE PICTURES?”

He’ll be home at 8 so I will get more then!

  3 Responses to “#39: Henry’s Facial”

  1. Mmmm…does he smell like coffee? If they sold it at Starbucks I could probably get Paul to do it

  2. THANKS!

    We actually discussed how likely he was to kill you over this… glad you’re still with us.

    Are you sleeping yet?

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