Aug 182010

Sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be posting a review of My Pretty Zombie’s Bride eyeshadow. I’m just waiting for Henry to model it for me so I can get some photographical evidence of what it looks like on real human eyelids, as opposed to that alien’s nutsack I swiped it on last night.

So until then, please enjoy a log of the IP Relay conversation my deaf alter ego Manuel had with Andrea, the brains behind My Pretty Zombie.

  5 Responses to “Manuel Calls MrsEvils”

  1. Geez…all the throat clearing makes it sound like a drug deal!
    I like how she substituted the word “sustenance” for “specimen”
    Also I did say the deer was on special. She totally ignored that!
    She was very annoyed with me and said “yer-een” instead of urine.
    I love Manuel!

  2. Your mischief-making ways are the bomb.

  3. Oh my God!! That is hilarious!

    By the way, thanks for the awesome comment you left.

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