Jun 052023

Dear Blog Diary Thing:

I know I have filled you unlimited words about roller coasters but do you remember when I told you back in 2018 that the coaster that turned me into an enthusiast (see also: thoosie) was T-Express in South Korea’s Everland?

Well, I probably did so you can just take my word for it.

Anyway, I was watching a YouTube video of Taeyong from NCT at Everland, passing out for roses for Rose Day and also promoting his new solo release because duh. I knew that SM Entertainment recently had a collab going with their artists and Everland where some of the rides are themed after various members and there’s SM/Everland merch – it’s a whole giant pop-up based on SM’s imaginary world called Kwangya basically and I really need to know how long this is going to last because I want to visit again while it’s there (the anguish).

OK so in this video, Taeyong reluctantly agrees to ride T-Express and he starts walking over to it.

And then he stops abruptly and is like WHAT?

You guys!!!

Worlds colliding!!

Well, honestly when you think about it, one world had already begat the next world because the whole reason I was even riding T-Express in 2018 is because I knew about it from various Korean variety shows which I watched because I was/am obsessed with Korea and then that obsession put me on a plane and fly my crazy ass to Korea, and then I left being obsessed with Korea AND NOW ROLLERCOASTERS.

(Prior to this, I was a dark ride girly and we were even members of a dark ride and funhouse group, so I was always going to amusement parks and fairs – that didn’t change!)

I just remember coming home from Korea that year and having this strong need to watch YouTube videos of T-Express, like I NEEDED to hear “the experts” reviewing it, and then from there I started looking up other coasters that were referenced in those videos, especially if it was a ranking list, and REAL QUICK after that I “discovered” the coaster manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction* and suddenly we were planning coaster road trips.

*(fun fact: RMC actually helped Intamin with the construction of T-Express so this was technically baby’s first RMC!)

I know the name of the coaster didn’t officially change (I doubt it, anyway, besides you can tell from the two pictures that the sign they put up is below the actual T-Express sign) but I want to know if it’s been temporarily changed while the Kwangya collab is happening, or if the new signage was just put up that day in honor of Taeyong’s visit. Honestly, I wish that was the new official name because it’s better than T-Express! (I’m not biased you’re biased.)

A fun fact about T-Express NCT-Express is that it’s one of only four of its kind in the world (an Intamin pre-fabricated woodie). I’ve ridden the one in the US (El Toro) and this summer, we will (knock on wood) have the chance to ride our third one – Balder in Sweden.

Life is so crazy – every time someone asks me how I became a coaster enthusiast, I’m like, “Because I went to Korea” – I just love that origin story so much!

Just like I love being obsessed with many things!

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