Jan 192011


I bought a Sea Monkeys in the City kit at Toys R Us on Sunday. I already have a furiously-fornicating farm of them on my fireplace mantle at home, and they bring me great joy (when I remember they’re there). So when I saw this cute little neon cityscape, I immediately pictured it on my desk at work and couldn’t resist. I figured a jar of disgusting floaters would be a nice place to rest my spreadsheet-wary eyes. Today when I got to work, I poured in the eggs and everyone around me kept asking, “DID THEY HATCH YET DID THEY HATCH YET?” and I was like, “God, take your Sea Monkey-novice selves to Google and learn yourself about the birth process.”  

(No, they have not hatched yet.)  

Just a few minutes ago, one of the surlier analysts expressed excitement and delight over the prospect of having sea monkeys in the office. I’ve never seen her happy about anything before!  

To quote her: “Oh, this exciting! I can’t wait!” (And I didn’t denote a hint of sarcasm.)  

These sea monkeys aren’t even done hatching and already they’re so loved. It’s beautiful.  

  3 Responses to “Sea Monkeys Invade The Law Firm”

  1. aw, look…you brought joy and happiness into a law firm! That’s saying something!

  2. Look at that…who would have thought how much they could bring people together??

  3. This is such a good idea except that I don’t want any of my co-workers frequenting my desk more than they need to.

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