Feb 192011

  8 Responses to “Erin Takes Brookline: 2 days worth of dumb photos”

  1. born of the beauty and the brilliance is my love of your pictures

  2. Very nice! You have a good eye!

  3. I love chooch’s facial expression in photo one. Who’s the cashier ;)

  4. The one of Riley walking down the stairs is my favorite. The depth–WOW. The apps are awesome, but you have an eye for this.

  5. […] Erin Takes Brookline: 2 days worth of dumb photos | Oh Honestly, Erin ”I had noticed him around town before — cruising down Main Street in his pimento-hued jalopy; one lanky arm, permanently marred with dots of trauma from his recurring bout with shingles, draped [. ] . […]

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