Apr 172011


The butterfly ring I’ve been wearing on my ring finger since I was 18 broke today. RING FINGER VACANCY! I’m going to hang up fliers everywhere.

Unless Henry wants to do something about it.

Personally, I think it’s a big fat motherfucking sign.

  8 Responses to “The Butterfly Sign”

  1. Totally a sign. Have Henry text me if he needs help picking something out ;)

  2. oh Henry….. you must jump on this situation now! man, it’s time….. the finger is bare and there will never be a more opportune time for you to do the right thing…

  3. You need a ring too…he can have just the tattoo if he wants, but nothing looks cooler than having your tattoo showing on either side of your rock…just saying

  4. How long until this real estate is open to outside bids?

  5. Andrea you can help me pick it out but you’ll have to come out in person.

    And to answer the last comment:
    The “real estate” as you call it will never,ever be “open for bid” as long as I’m around! Just saying!

  6. Packing my bags!

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