Aug 052011

Here, have some pictures of the fucking fair. I will write more later.

I have a love/hate relationship with my Lensbaby lens. Barely use it because it can mostly go suck one.

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Maybe the only thing that didn’t piss me off all day. Although, he did try to spit on me.

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Who doesn’t though.

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Birthday Killer.

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The other birthday killer.

Miserable people.

Chooch and his new dad.

More later, if you can stand it.

  14 Responses to “Fayette County Fair: A Peek”

  1. Beautiful photography.

  2. I’m sorry for your recent loss.

  3. The camel is awesome. Every time I click enter it posts, sorry for all of the comments. I’m trying not to hit enter this time lol.

  4. When you said they were pictures of the “fucking fair” I expected something completely different. Sorry, I just woke up. I can feel that camel looking directly into my soul! :-O

  5. Camel!

  6. dooooooooooooood, the night pic with the ferris wheel…and sunset the ligts are sooo pretty . great shot!brave girl to get that close to a camel.kudos.

  7. Which lensaby do you have? I’ve been looking at them because I like some of the effects you get with the macro optic.

    PS: expect mail from me soon.

    • It’s the original one, which I don’t even see on their site anymore. It looks like they have a much wider selection now!

      The one I have is frustrating. I don’t use it very often because it requires patience and to be used by someone who is not a perfectionist.

  8. I was looking at the muse, which is close to the original. I want to get the optics kit because I was wowed by some of the close-up stuff people have done with it.

    I can see why it would suck for the kind of street photography you do. It looks like more of a sit on a tripod kind of lens.

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