Sep 272011

Even though I waited until the night before The Law Firm’s fall food party
to tell Henry that he has to make a batch of caramels he’s never made before, and even though we don’t have a candy thermometer or any of the ingredients he needed, and even though he was tired from working on little sleep and I couldn’t totally remember where I had seen the recipe, there he was in the kitchen at 9:30 on a Monday night, stirring away at a bubbling pot of stout-spiked caramels.

Anyway, these are beer pretzel caramels. When I think of fall, I think of Oktoberfest and even though I hate beer, I’m a glutton for some beer-flavored food.

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Sometimes it pays to have a Henry. It’s a good thing he was too busy paying attention in Home Ec to be a normal teenager collecting BJs under the bleachers or else I’d be fucked right now.

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I’m totally going to tell everyone at work who doesn’t read my blog that I made them myself though. Weekend classes and lots of Food Network, along with keeping a Michelin Star chef hog-tied in my basement.

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  6 Responses to “Henry the Candy Man Can”

  1. You had me until you said pretzels. With that said I thought those were nuts and they looked amazing… then you said pretzels. I wish my husband was as handy in the kitchen as Henry. All he does is fry fish in the fry baby thing that I’m not allowed to touch with a 10 foot pole because I would set the kitchen on fire… I’m surprised he lets me touch the stove because THAT I can actually catch on fire… it’s only happened 3 times, and he’s only ruined one blanket to drown the fire… Oh he also makes curry, the kind that come in the breakaway bars from the asian store? You just have to add meat, onion and potatoes, cause he doesn’t like cooked carrots so he never uses cooked carrots. Also he once in awhile makes shrimp scampi but uses way to much garlic… and shrimp so it makes me sick. He sometimes makes burritos too… but those are just canned refried beans with cheese and hamburger… Everything he makes makes me sick. I think he’s trying to kill me… How did I JUST realize this. ohmygod.

  2. I’m impressed! I tried to make caramels once and apparently over-cooked it and it all turned into hard candy. It was seriously yummy though – it’d give Werthers a run for their money. Salted caramel hard candies. Yum.

  3. Were these a big hit at the party? I hadn’t ever heard of them till you told me he was going to make them, but omg they look so awesome. ( I’m much more a pretzel fan than a nut fan so I’m sure I’d love them lol.)

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