Sep 302011


This is supposed to be an illustration of Ed Kemper in my Serial Killer Coloring Book, but who does it REALLY look like?

Another striking similarity to note is that Ed had maintained his guise of innocence by befriending the police force and Henry is a HUGE popo sycophant.

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“The frames of my glasses aren’t the same shape,” Henry argued futilely.

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More red flags: Henry is quiet, mild-mannered, NONDESCRIPT, drives a WORK VAN. I think it’s time to start prying up the floorboards.

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  7 Responses to “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Indeed”

  1. a.) Where did you get a serial killer coloring book?
    b.) That movie has been on my Netflix queue for months.
    c.) Shape of glasses = symantics. That’s Henry.

    • d.) It’s really spelled semantics, but I’m too drunk to realize that until after I wikipedia’ed it. oopsies. #funnyfail

      • I like Drunk Ally!

        The book is called The Best of the Serial Killer Coloring Book by Rich Hillen Jr. My friend Andrea got it for me but I’m sure a quick Amazon search will bring the goods!

  2. Hahaha, and my soon-to-be ex looks like Richard Ramirez! If you turn up missing one of these days, I will point the cops in the right direction…..even if he IS friends with them!

  3. If you wouldn’t have told me what it was from, I would have assumed it was a picture of Henry. That’s awesome. I would check the back yard first. If he ever tries to talk you into getting pigs, be worried.

  4. You know, Erin, the more you write about Henry, the more I love that guy. What he puts up with (so often the target of your humour, I mean), and still loves you to pieces! He must be one of the good ones, definitely a keeper, and thank goodness because you are still making me fall off my chair laughing.

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