Aug 282015

Fred pulled back the kitchen curtains and took in the typical Pittsburgh sky: sunlight struggling to be seen through clouds in varying states of precipitation.

“It’s another beautiful day in Pittsburgh,” he smiled. A note clinging to his fridge against the weight of a Steelers magnet reminded him that he needed to buy more pierogis and pop, but first he was having breakfast with his best friend, Mr. McFeely.
Mr. McFeely was already waiting at a table when Fred arrived at Pamela’s later that morning.

“Fred, we picked a bad day to come here,” he spat sourly. “The place is full of kinderdicks!”

A cursory scan of the breakfast hot spot taught Fred that there were indeed many small children communicating their feelings in the cacophonic volume of basic banshees.

“Mr. McFeely, these children are the future Heinz laborers! The next Sophie Masloffs and Michael Keatons! They deserve to be here, eating potatoes lyonnaise, just as much as you and I.” Fred beamed happily, tucking a napkin into his cardigan.

“Fred,” Mr. McFeely sighed, “you are a good man.”

“I just really love everyone in my neighborhood,” Fred modestly waved off the compliment.


On the way to Giant Eagle later that afternoon, Fred’s car hit a pothole the size of Ben Roesthlisberger’s ego, splashing his Schneider’s iced tea into his lap. Fred shook his head and chuckled. “Maybe I should have taken the trolley!”

In Giant Eagle, Fred considered buying a pound of Isaly’s chipped ham but remembered he had 9 pounds of it in his freezer already.

“Will this be all for today?” the young, disinterested cashier asked Fred at the check-out.

“Yes dear, just came here for some pierogis and pop,” Fred answered, his avuncular smile causing crinkles to spread from his eyes.

“It’s soda,” she corrected him, making it clear she was one of those endearing transplants, here to attend college while constantly disputing the vernacular.

Fred took the bag from her outstretched hand, politely wishing her well while laughing softly to himself. He knew she would be calling it pop in no time.


When Fred arrived home that evening after a full day of tooling around town, some of the neighborhood children were playing a rousing game of Release. The playing field had spilled into his yard, but Fred didn’t mind; children were his favorite types of people. Especially Pittsburgh children.

Fred paused outside of his front door, smiling lazily at the sounds of prepubescent caterwauls and urban swears while casually sliding the gum band off of the stack of mail that arrived that day. His eyes had just fallen on an ad in the Pennysaver for the Immaculate Heart of Mary fish fry when his periphery caught a flash of something that made him involuntarily dry-heave.

It was a putrid color, the wash of ear wax.

The chroma of Cheetos’d fingertips.

The tint of Carrot Top’s unruly follicular chapeau.

The stain of Snooki’s skin after a summer at the Jersey Shore.

Fred felt the color drain from his face. His heart began thrumming against his ribcage and something of an unfamiliar feeling began rising up from his gut. It was a feeling he felt only thrice in his life:

● Once, when he was inspired to make his own crayons after airing a tour of the Crayola factory on his show, which resulted in him spilling hot wax all over his favorite cardigan.

● Once, when he came home after a particularly long day to find that someone had chucked his Pittsburgh parking chair onto the grass and brutally thieved his rightful parking spot.

● Once, when Lady Elaine Fairchild arrived to work drunk.

The orange flash was a Philadelphia Flyers jersey. On a child.

The feeling Fred felt was pure, unadulterated black and gold fury.

Shaking the Pennysaver—now rolled-up into a Flyers-fan beating apparatus—into the air, Fred hollered, “Get off my lawn, ya jagoff!”

This is an original painting that I made for a Pittsburgh-themed blog exchange I participated in. It’s ready to hang and the story comes with it!

May 062015

I haven’t had as much time to paint lately (or blog or take pictures or make greeting cards or breathe for that matter), and I still have some more custom paintings to finish, but I’m hoping to start filling up the shop again real soon! If they’d only let me paint at work, I could get so much more done. But here are three things that I have recently completed!


Do you like SNACKS?

Do you like SPACE?

Then maybe you might also like my painting Snax in Space. It features various snacks in space. It’s snacky and spacey all in one place.

And it can be all yours for $35, 20% of which will go to Animal Friends of Pittsburgh if purchased before the end of May! Click here to purchase thru Etsy! It’s for a good cause!

In related news, I just finished up a custom pet angel painting. Super sad story behind it, and I was honored to paint these furry babes.  

I also made a small typography-type painting for a co-worker to give to a friend; it had some of her favorite sayings on it and it was definitely out of my wheel house, big I had a lot of fun making it. I stupidly didn’t take a picture (it was a rush order), but you can see part of it in the background of this picture:


Apr 152015

Hey friends! From now until the end of May, I’m donating 20% of my Somnambulant sales to Animal Friends in Pittsburgh! WHO DOESN’T LOVE ANIMALS?! Well, probably serial killers and ISIS. But mostly everyone else loves animals because animals are a billion times more awesome than people!

And don’t forget, Mother’s Day is coming up, and maybe your mom likes serial killers?

Serial Killer Parade painting Dahmer Gacy


Or maybe music is your Band-Aid and you want everyone to know?

Music Heals Mixtape Painting


 Got a thing for Twin Peaks?

Log Lady painting Twin Peaks caricature


Did you just have a baby, know someone who just had a baby, or are you just super into retro children’s TV shows?

Mister Rogers Neighborhood painting on wooden plaque


Anyway, there is a ton more over at Somnambulant, so go check it out and pass it on!

This concludes my half-assed commercial for my art-things. You’re dismissed.

Mar 112015

Over the weekend, I had just finished a custom Phish painting and prepping a 30×40 canvas for the biggest custom I’ve ever been asked to do (status: in progress, Stacey!), so I just kind of mindlessly began painting Pee Wee on a spare piece of wood that was sitting around, looking all forlorn.

And then it just kind of grew into a Big Adventure collage.

I posted a picture of it on Facebook while it was still in progress, and for the first time ever, someone claimed it before it was even finished. It was a pretty proud moment for me, so thank you Natasha! (And thanks to everyone else who chimed in about wanting it, too!)

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is in my Top 5 All-Time Favorite Movies and I quote from it so often, it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s right up there with Lost Boys on my list of memorized dialogue, so I think it makes sense that A LOST BOYS PAINTING WILL BE NEXT, WOOOO!

My painting dumping ground ^^. It’s starting to feel like a junk store.


Mar 082015

Bathroom plaques are filling up the shop again! I used to make tons of these back in the day and when I used to sell my stuff at Wildcard, they were super popular for some reason. Yinzers like their loos, I guess. 

Now when someone asks, “Which door is the lav?” you can just let them grope their way down the hallway and find it themselves with this helpful, can’t-live-without-it bathroom signifier. They’re available in a variety of styles and the choice is all yours.

Here are some of the glowing reviews that have been dumping in (oh, see what I did there? DUMPING?):

Jen Shitcan from Missouri has been heard saying, “Shiiit, I was so sick of my bitch ass husband bringing his broads home from the bar and asking me where the can was so they can empty their Diva Cup.  Now they just look for the sign and I don’t gotta be bustin’ caps no more.”

Isaac Outhouse from the wilderness sent a telegram saying, “Sign good. Rust proof.”

Peter Pisser from a place with a large blind population sent a box of chocolates with a note saying, “Works good. Except my one blind friend still needs help finding the commode. Make one in braille, you should.”

Melissa Purell informed in green ink, “My son has a penchant for smearing fecal matter everywhere but the hand wipes I keep on the sink specifically for these occasions. Luckily, the unsavory smudges wipe right off my bathroom marker. The stench, not so much.”

And Alyson from Waltham, MA was so thrilled to have her friends stop crapping in her potted plants that she left this flowery feedback: Thanks so much!! I absolutely love it!! My house plants thank you from the bottom of their rooty hearts. It’s the perfect size, too!

Possibly only one of those are real.

These guys are 4×4 and ready to hang. I love doing custom signs too so holla at me. 

Feb 262015

Guys! I have some crap to show you. I’ve been working hard in my fake studio this winter!

First up is a portrait of Albert Fish. It’s weird, but because I spend so much time looking at serial killers because of my greetin

g card line, my first instinct when I get a blank canvas (or, in this case, wood) is to paint one of their faces. Usually I stop myself but the other night, I was painting Albert Fish before I even realized it. I think I need help, you guys.


Here is a giraffe painting I made for Lisa’s daughter Gigi’s nursery, which is giraffe-themed. I call this one Gigiraffe:


Here’s a bonus picture of me and Gigi when I brought the painting over and Lisa made me dinner, but first I had to babysit Gigi, which I was fine with, it was the split second where I thought Lisa was going to say “Will you help me cook this shit” instead of “Will you keep an eye on Gigi while I cook this shit?” that really made my heart stop. Anyway, Gigi and I were fine! I mean, she accidentally fell into a crevice (don’t worry, she didn’t cry!), tried to steal my money, and smeared my lipstick all over her face, but we listened to Pierce the Veil together so it was all good.

I’d like to think if this was the Babysitter’s Club, I’d be Claudia. 

Over in non compos cards land, I turned my Golden Girls paintings into a greeting card, yay! I’ll have a variety of prints of this available soon.


And then I painted a co-worker’s dog! Because she asked me to, not just because. Pets are really out of my wheelhouse (not like anything is really IN my wheelhouse, aside from scribbles and smears) but I felt pretty OK about this one and Cheryl seemed to really like it too!


I’m slowly starting to make prints of some of my paintings. Not all of them, but some. Especially the Twin Peaks ones, because I love those damn paintings! I still have so many more characters from that show to paint, and hopefully some new ones too once the show comes back next year, wooooo! That still feels like a dream.

IMG_3076.PNG IMG_3005.PNG

I got an itch to resurrect the old bathroom plaques too, for no reason other than they’re just really fun to paint, and it’s something I can do while watching the hockey game and by watching the hockey game I mean trying to not watch the hockey game because the Penguins have been stressing me out lately. So if I’m not painting during the hockey game, I’m playing word games on my phone during the hockey game.




And then I made a Get Stoked one, because that’s probably my most-used saying. (Sorry, Henry.)



Anyway, all of these prints and plaques are available over at Somnambulant, or you can request a custom one here!  Please pass this around! I’m still trying very hard to build up my shop to where it was back in 2009 before I had my cry-baby I HATE ART meltdown. THANKS!

Feb 222015


The bristles of his brush ground hard into the nooks, flicking up suds stained with a subtle rouge, but now Norbert needed a break. He had been scrubbing the same spot in the rug with little relenting. Norbert balanced the brush against the lip of the bucket, stood and stretched his arms over his head.

It was a grand room. A deeply stained parquet floor had a chance to peek through where there weren’t expensive European rugs strewn about. Norbert only admired the beer steins and antique piggy banks decorating the fire place mantle for a few brief seconds before his eyes were pulled upward to a portrait of a resplendent woman.

“That’s my Katherine.”

Norbert spun on his heels to find Mister Williams, his barrel chest cloaked in a silk smoking jacket, framing the wide doorway into the parlor. Four thick slabs of fingers casually gripped a rock glass of scotch, which he subconsciously swirled with slight wrist flicks while his pinkie hovered incongruously. In between inappropriate slurps, Mister Williams slurred, “She was the love of my life.”

Norbert wiped his sweaty palms against his sullied coveralls. “I’m sorry, Mister Williams. I didn’t mean to snoop. I just needed to stand up for a moment; there’s one area of the rug over there that’s tougher than a nun’s habit to remove.”

“Beautiful, ain’t she?” Mister Williams continued, as if Norbert hadn’t spoke. He belched without apology.

“Why, yes sir,” Norbert admitted. “She’s stunning.” He looked away, not wanting his admiration of the woman in the portrait to appear salacious.

“She could make Hell feel like home,” Williams whispered, having moved in close enough to stroke Katherine’s oil-painted complexion with his scotch-free pinkie. He was standing close enough now that Norbert gleaned he hadn’t bathed in quite some time. Stale cigar smoke, urine, sweat and a mausoleum-quality musk clung to Williams like a protective wrapping. When Norbert said nothing, Williams asked, “Have you ever really danced on the edge, carpet cleaner?”

Norbert, growing overwrought, shook his head stupidly. “No, but I once had unprotected sex with four and a half Thai prostitutes.”

“Four…and a half?” Williams repeated questioningly, making eye contact with Norbert for the first time. Norbert looked away quickly, embarrassed by the vacancy and loneliness he saw in the gaze.

“Y-yes, sir. You see, there were these Siamese twins, and I, I only did it with the half that had the vagina.”

Williams wasn’t listening. He had set down his crystal rock glass on a chess table and had moved to the other side of the room where he stared catatonically at the wedding ring imprisoned flush against a rheumatic knuckle. “That’s what it felt like to love her: like dancing on the edge. Knowing that at any minute you could fall and nothing would ever be the same again, but the thrill you get? The thrill that tickles the base of your spine and makes your innards feel like they’re on a roller coaster with naked women to Babylon?” Williams put a cork in his monologue long enough to pinch a cat hair from his lapel and take a drowning gulp of scotch. “That thrill is what keeps you from stopping even when it gets dangerous. Love. She was the love of my life,” he repeated robotically.

“What happened, why aren’t you together anymore?” Norbert asked apprehensively.

Williams shot his head back and laughed uproariously. The scotch on the chess table quivered, and somewhere, something dropped from a wall.

Wiping a viscous sluice of drool from his cleft chin, Williams’ face turned stony as he spat, “Because that’s her you’re scrubbing from my Persian, carpet cleaner.”

Feb 062015

Hello! Today is the day we pretend it’s show and tell in Kindergarten and I show you recent paintings I made and then possibly tell you about them too. (HEADS UP, COURTNEY, WINNER OF THE GIVEAWAY! Click away from this page if you still want your Robert Smith painting to be a surprise, because his picture is in this post!)


So here we have a custom goth portrait for an Etsy customer. I like painting cemeteries, so I was down with this one. I just asked Glenn if he wants me to paint one for him and his wife and he said, “Nope” without hesitation.


I painted this Dave Grohl (of Foo Fighters/Nirvana fame; I have learned this week that he is not as widely known as I thought) for my Twitter friend Lizz while catching up on episodes of Hindsight. The “footos” in his hand is a tip of the hat to the Mentos parody they did for the Big Me video. I’m not a big Foo fan (however, Everlong4L) but this one was really fun to paint and I was so happy with it that I decided to have a few prints available on Etsy, and if you know me, you know that I don’t really do the whole print thing very often!


The aforementioned winner of my giveaway a weeks ago requested ROBERT SMITH for her painting and I was like, “Be still my heart!” because hello, he’s my #1. But then I panicked because I was so worried I would eff up his beautiful face. Robert Smith you guys. Sigh. I scanned this one too, because I wanted a copy to keep, haha! Also, I owe my pal Elaine one as an art trade!

Friends that know me on Facebook and Instagram, please accept my apologies because you’re probably gagging at the sight of this by now, but here is my Valentine’s gift to Henry:




Anyway, the whole purpose here is that I’m always thinking of the next concert/music fest and he’s always thinking of whenever the fuck he’s going to finally be able to get some sleep. I like it because there’s room left to add future fests that we WILL (not MIGHT) attend.



I couldn’t wait any longer (like, a whole whopping 7 days, I know) to give it to him so I made him take it last night even though he had been previously dodging my present-giving advances because he wanted it to be a surprise on Valentine’s Day. But I had a really shitty day yesterday and he let me vent on him, so I decided it was a good time to present it.




I know the popular opinion is that I’m like this huge shrew when it comes to my relationship with Henry—you know, because people shadow us 24/7 and clearly know that I’m not an “attentive housewife” — the only part of that which is true is the house wife part, because bitch please. But I do have my moments.

And because I feel bad for some of my older paintings, and because I have had donuts on the brain which is weird because I’m generally not a donut person but lately? BURY ME IN A COFFIN OF CRULLERS. So today I will put some of the spotlight back on some paintings I made when I was going through a weird donut phase last year around this time too (seasonal donut disorder?).

First, may I present to you good ol’ Anthropodonut, which is still up for grabs!:

Anthropodonut 8x8 donut painting

And second, my favorite, Eat Shit:

Eat Sh*t painting

My friend Alyson Hell speaks French and tells me that this is how you’d say “eat shit” while wearing a beret and eating a quiche.

I think I will take a break from faces and paint some more donuts this weekend. <3

Jan 202015

I will use this random Tuesday in January to show you some things that I made with my own bare hands. (As opposed to the threadbare mitts of a hobo.)



Here is a loose interpretation of Abe Lincoln! I painted him while watching Penny Dreadful on Sunday, one of the rare moments I could be found sitting and not pacing in nervous boredom, gospel aerobics’ing, or following Henry around the house with a list of things for him to do.

Abe’s up for grabs here.



I finally finished this Twin Peaks parade that I stated a few weeks ago and then promptly lost interest in, because that’s what I do. I have half-paintings strewn all about the house.

And finally, here at the Oh Honestly, Erin garage sale, I have some Valentines for your consideration. Here we have a perforated sheet of 6, just like the kind you’d pass out in elementary school. Except, you know…with serial killers on ’em.

These, plus a whole slew of others, can be found over on my card shop: non compos cards. Use the coupon code “garrote” for 20% off!


Maybe I should start selling hot dogs with my paintings too, in true Brookline yard sale fashion:

My old neighbor sold hot dogs at his yard sale one time, and business was booming.

And then my crazy ex-neighbor Robin slithered out of her meth lab with her own contributions: shitty Christmas wreaths and the best fucking wicker throne that Henry refused to buy:

God, I miss those neighbors.

Dec 272014

I hope everyone had a great Whatever December Holiday You Celebrate! My Christmas was really nice, but then it ended pretty shittily. More on that another day. Right now, let’s talk about art-stuffs!

You guys really put a lot of faith in me by ordering custom paintings for Christmas gifts, and I am honored. Now that Christmas is over, I can show you some of them!


“Meow Meow, Motherfucker” for Janna. Chooch was PISSED that this wasn’t for him!


“You Won’t Find a Better Butter” for Corey, an homage to our Amish Day Trip in November. Here’s a video of Corey unwrapping it:



Remember when I was interviewed last year for an article on bloggers in the Pittsburgh Trib? Rachel, the journalist who write that story, commissioned a painting of wrestler portraits for her husband, who is (clearly) a huge wrestling fan. I got this one done with barely any time to spare. The best part about it was meeting up with Rachel last weekend for the Shady Art Deal because I had never met her in person before. She is so sweet and even brought me a jar of fudge (which Henry and Chooch devoured in the same day, ugh).



I think I may have posted this one already, but Wendy asked me to make a Phish portrait for her stepdaughter, who sent me a Facebook message on Christmas to tell me how much she loved it — that’s my favorite part!

Among other odds and ends, I also did a slew of those monster name paintings, a Jesus Take the Wheel-inspired painting for Chris and Monica to give Chris’s sister (I had a picture on my phone but I must have deleted it, ugh!), and a Lou Barlow portrait for Terri, which I stupidly failed to get photographic evidence of.

I’m happy that the Christmas rush is over because that means I’m free to accept requests again! Hit me up, homies! Either on here, or contact me through Etsy: Somnambulant Art.

“Jesus Take the Wheel” (where Jesus is actually Chris’s brother):


And edit again to add a picture of Terri with Lou Barlow yay!


Nov 112014

This is what I like to call: no time to write a real post so let’s look at my fake art!


First up, for your eyeballs, we have a piece called Crimson & Craniums. This is made with spraypaint, which makes Henry nervous because technically I’m not allowed to use spraypaint because I can’t be trusted to use it responsibly. This one is no longer available because Wendy saw it on Instagram and claimed it. Have I mentioned how glad I am that Wendy uses Instagram now?)


Hey guys, hey: I call this one “kooskõla: a Ghost painting.” Like, why do ghosts all gotta be white? It’s available for purchase! Makes a great Xmas gift for people who like: gifts, things, and sniffing paintings.


THIS ONE MAKES ME SAD. Perhaps you’ve been reading my blog for a few years and remember the time when one of my co-workers had an orange ball that he liked to obnoxiously bounce and toss back and forth with another co-worker? So then I kidnapped the ball and held it hostage? Anyway, the owner of that damn orange ball has left the Law Firm and everyone is sad because he was such an awesome guy!

So some of the managers were like “Erin you should make Chris a goodbye painting. Because now that we know about your fake art, we are going to exploit this” Because I am happy that people like my fake art enough to commission things, I said yes even though I am drowning in a pool of obligations. Because Chris is worth it!

He is really into poker, so that’s the theme I was asked to run with. I decided to paint him as a playing card. The No Conflicts thing is something that’s specific to our department. Chris actually moved to Memphis over a year ago but had been working remotely, so I sadly won’t get to see his reaction when he gets the painting in the mail. I hope he likes it!


To cap off this round-up of paint-stuffs, here is a Phish painting that Wendy (my #1 customer, apparently) commissioned for a Xmas present for her stepdaughter. I’m not a Phish fan, but it was fun because I got to use all of the colors. And I like painting faces.

But not face-painting.

OK, that’s all. I’m unfortunately too booked up for any more Xmas custom orders, but if you wanna request an “anytime” painting, hit me up and I will add it to my to-do list!

And now I’ll resume sobbing over the Penguins game.

Oct 212014

HELLO JUST CHECKING IN! Here is some stuff that I have made this past month. I have admittedly not had as much time as I’d have liked, and my list of custom paintings have been growing, so thank you guys for liking my stuff! It will never be something I take for granted, I promise. <3 Ok, let's do this. 20141021-082450.jpg

Custom portrait of my friend AJ’s dog, Diego. My cat Marcy was NOT happy about this one and I had fun flaunting it in her face.


More skulls for prizes at work. These dudes are so much fun for me to make because it’s quick and I can paint them on the couch while catching up on my really important shows like Gracepoint (actually not feeling this show as much as I had hoped to though) and Red Band Society. I didn’t watch this last season of Teen Wolf fast enough and MTV took them off On Demand already, ugh. My life is so rough.

I’m going to be making a bunch more of these for the shop and they will be super cheap so you should buy one!


Cupcake Cavalcade! I made this for my dear friend Kendahl’s birthday. CUPCAKES!
I just made this variation of Somnambulant Skulls last night because I had a strong desire to work with crayons. The background is painted. This one is available on Etsy right now!


A custom Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired mix tape painting for my friend Casandra. <3 I think Henry and I are going to start making larger pendants of my Twin Peaks, Lizzie Borden and Golden Girls paintings to sell at Horror Realm next March. Every time we try our hands at pendants, we end up failing miserably or losing interest, so who knows if this will happen. I'LL KEEP YOU POSTED.

Sep 292014

Cyber friends, let’s take a break from the Riot Fest posts and look at the recent art I made. (Just pretend like I’m your favorite preschooler for a minute.)

(Also, it’s Monday and my week has gotten off to a difficult, albeit comical.)



My pal Lisa needed a wedding gift for her friends so she asked me to make a Cupcake Couple painting for them. I haven’t made one of these in a really long time, so that was fun!



I painted a portrait of my friend Angie and her cat, Bandit, a few weeks ago. <3



Lizzie Borden! This is a terrible picture, I just realized. I clearly need to change this photo on Etsy. And get my eyes examined ASAP.

20140929-101842.jpgWhen I was home sick last week, I was really restless so I started this serial killer parade, half-slumped over on the couch. I finished it yesterday. (l-r: Dahmer, Fish, Ramirez, BTK, Gacy.)

There’s also a new addition to the non compos cards catalog:


I have a bunch of customs lined up, including a portrait of Phish and one like the serial killer parade, but with wrestlers. I’m totally grateful that you guys have been keeping me busy. Thank you! And Henry thanks you too, because the only time I’m quiet is while I’m painting. If you want anything (CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!), let me know!

Also? I jokingly suggested that someone should request a nude portrait of Steve Buscemi, with a cactus-penis that has eyeball impaled on the thorns. And the more I pictured that, the more I wanted to paint it for real. So…I’ll be working on that too, in between the custom orders!

Sep 092014

Dear Blog,

Today I did some volunteer work with some other co-workers and while I would love to write about that right now, I’m laying on the couch instead, half-dead, because manual labor does not agree with me.

So instead, I will share some of my latest paintings with you.
My friend Elizabeth asked me to paint her something for her bathroom. At first, I was going to do some pink flamingos because she said she was going to hang a Polyester poster signed by John Waters in the bathroom, but then at the last minute I got a different idea and went with that, hoping she wouldn’t hate it.

She said it was terrifying and still wanted to! Thank god! And then Kara wanted one for her friend, so I got to paint John Waters’s mug all over again and it made me laugh evilly because I used to be “friends” with this super annoying boy who worshipped John Waters and man, do I hate that boy now but I bet he would LOVE this painting, hahahaha.


And then last week Katrina suggested that I paint the Golden Girls and I jumped on that one because I adore the G.Girls so much and staring at their faces all last weekend brought back fond memories of sleeping over my grandparents’ house on Saturday nights and watching the Golden Girls, Empty Nest, and Hunter. I literally cry for the 80s sometimes, you guys. It was so much better then.


I also did a portrait of my friend Angie, but she wants to be surprised, so I won’t post that one yet!

Don’t forget to check out my Somnambulant Art shop for other weird crap!

Sep 042014

Over the weekend, I decided that I wanted to do a Twin Peaks-inspired series of portraits because I love that damn show so much. So I put Season 1 on Netflix and started with the Log Lady, because why not.

By Tuesday night, Agent Dale Cooper, Dead Laura Palmer and Dr. Jacoby had joined her…and then quickly left her. They were all sold yesterday!


(The Log Lady is still available, if anyone is interested!)

Last night, while Henry yelled at Pretty Little Liars (that show gets him so riled up!), I started on The Man From Another Place. It still needs a lot of touching up, which I’ll get to tonight, but here he is anyway:


There’s several more I want to add, but what kind of series would you want to see next? TELL ME. I’ve been thinking about vending at a local horror convention next winter and I need to build up my inventory, and quick! I’ll be selling my serial killer cards there, but I’d like to have some of my art on hand, as well.

(Hopefully I can also build up my social skills.)