Sep 042010

Drove all the way to Wayne, Michigan today to hang up my bathroom plaque at Warriors 3.

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OK fine – and to hang out with the shop’s proprietors!

Be back later. Peace out, girl scout!

(PS Bill just said Pink Floyd sucks and my left eyeball shot out from the sheer idiocy of that statement.)

Aug 012010

Not gonna lie, didn’t think I was going to make it this time around. Not so much the exhaustion, but lack of inspiration. It was really rough there for a few hours in the beginning, where I felt like a panic attack was ready to shoot from cannon and envelope me in a bubble of harried hair-pulling and paper-bag breathing. Somewhere in the early evening, I hit my stride and it was pretty OK after that. I didn’t cry at all, except for when Alisha was talking about Steel Magnolias, which is on right now, and oh Shelby, why’d you go ahead and get yourself pregnant, child?

Thanks to you guys (fine, and Alisha), I stayed awake, blogged a bunch of crap, and raised $456 for the Oil Spill Relief Fund! That makes me happy! Does that make you happy? It should. We did this together. I would hold your hand in mine if you were here right now. And you. And you and you and you, too.

Now, I’m going to try and get some sleep. If past Blogathons have taught me anything, I probably won’t be sleeping for long. I’m hoping that when I wake up, Henry will finally decide he wants to celebrate my birthday.

Anyway, if you like what you saw here and hate oil spills, or hate what you saw here but still hate oil spills, donations are still being accepted. I think until August 6th or something? That’s something I should know. But I don’t.



or not!

Thanks you guys! <3

Jul 312010

I just spent an hour fucking with the camcorder after PERFECTING THE DOUGGIE.

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I mean, it was amazing how thug I was, how much SWAGGER I HAD. I even had on Henry’s jeans and shirt and a BANDANNA AROUND MY MOUTH and Alisha’s BIG SUNGLASSES and a hat.

“You look like a dyke,” Alisha said.

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It took a good fifteen tries before Alisha (“Did I do it good this time, boss?

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Durr de durr”) finally mastered the camcorder and by that time I was SWEATING. And my neighbors were pulling into the driveway and stopped to gawk through my open front door.

But I was FEELING IT. I’m all about the Douggie now.


And every little thing is setting me off. I freaked out and ranted to Alisha about how I hate contrary people and I’m ready to snap. But then Evonne showed up with a green tea frappucino thing from Starbucks and Zombie Squad marshmallow hand sanitizer, whatever that is, so I’m OK now. I’m good.

Although, the flesh on my shoulders hurt because when I was doing the “fly” part of the Douggie, I kept pinching myself.

Perhaps I will try it again later.